Who Was Steven Hernandez? NYPD Cop Jumps to Death from Queens Building Moments after Appointment with Psychiatrist

Police believe it is a case of suicide as sources say Hernandez had just left a department psychiatrist appointment before jumping to his death.

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An NYPD cop jumped to his death from the roof of a Queens building on Tuesday, according to police. Steven Hernandez, 28, was found shortly before 12:30 p.m. after jumping from the top of the LeFrak City Apartments in Elmhurst, close to where the NYPD Medical Division is located, according to authorities.

Police believe it is a case of suicide as sources say Hernandez had just left a department psychiatrist appointment before jumping to his death. Hernandez belonged to the 121st Precinct in Staten Island. It's still not clear if he resided there or if he was only a guest of the Medical Division, which is located there.

Jumping to His Death

Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez Facebook

It is not known what prompted Hernandez, a father of two, to commit suicide. Police sources say he had just left a department psychiatrist appointment before jumping. His name was not initially released and his family too wasn't notified of his death, according to reports. It is also unclear if Hernandez lived with his wife and children.

Also, NYPD is yet to confirm his death. Hernandez had been with the force for six years since joining in 2017. Last year, he was sent to the 121st Precinct. Last year, he showed signs of mental illness on social media.

He also often spoke of his "racing thoughts" and desire to see a therapist.

Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez Twitter

Hernandez criticized President Biden and immunization requirements in offices from 2021. He appealed that he and other police officers are "dads" and "people" in several of his messages.

The officer's family has yet to make a statement regarding his passing.

Everything Still a Mystery

As of now, mystery shrouds the death of Hernandez. Sources said the cop had been placed on restricted duty, but it was unclear when or why the NYPD had put him on desk assignment and taken his service weapons.

Steven Hernandez
Steven Hernandez Twitter

In November, the cop posted a flurry of unsettling social media remarks that alarmed some of his friends.

"Please help me. Please love me. Please care for me. Please listen to me. PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH ME. PLEASE SPEND TIME ON ME!" he posted in November.

One friend responded, "stay strong... you got this think positive and all the people who love and care about you."

NYPD (Representational purpose only) Pixabay

When the sequence of posts began two days prior, he said, "Thank you for listening. Y'all know who you are."

His relatives and friends added their comments of encouragement. "Just take everything one day at a time primo. Don't overthink things too much or get inside your own head. You've got this," one wrote.

The police commissioner expressed his sorrow for the officer's death online on Tuesday night, writing, "Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the member's family & friends."

An investigation has been launched into Hernandez's death.