Who Was Krzysztof Nieroda? New Jersey Man Called Relative to Tell He Killed His Wife and Two Children Before Turning Gun on Himself

The Nierodas settled in the community in 2007, and the locals described them as friendly, helpful individuals.

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The New Jersey electrician who fatally shot his wife and two children on Sunday morning confessed to his horrific crime over the phone to a relative before shooting himself, police said on Monday. Krzysztof Nieroda, 41, called up a family member to share the details of the triple homicide before taking his own life by shooting himself in the head.

Nieroda's body was discovered on Sunday in his Linden house, along with that of his wife Justyna, a beautician, his son Sebastian, 14, and daughter Natalie, 13. Although Sebastian initially survived the shooting, he later died at the hospital from the gunshot wound.

Planned Murder-Suicide

Krzysztof Nieroda and Justyna
Krzysztof Nieroda with his wife Justyna Twitter

Police said on Monday that Krzysztof called an unnamed relative and explained what he had done shortly after killing his wife and children. He then fatally shot himself in the head. Police are struggling to identify a motive in the horrifying murder-suicide that took place in the beige cottage close to a park, leaving neighbors in shock.

The Nierodas settled in the community in 2007, and the locals described them as friendly, helpful individuals.

Krzysztof Nieroda
Krzysztof Nieroda Twitter

"They're a normal family. That's why it's impossible to believe," Angel Montanez, 56, told The Post. "They go camping every long weekend with a trailer they hook up to their car. They recently renovated their kitchen, and he invited me over to show it to me."

Superintendent Rocco G. Tomazic said in a statement on the district's website that the Linden School District had hired grief counselors for the students and employees at the children's former schools, McManus Middle School and School #10.

"Any student death affects us all," Tomazic wrote. "But we will never become so accustomed to loss like this that we can't respond with empathy, understanding and care. We will fully support each other during these difficult times. Let us all work together towards that end."

Justyna Nieroda Twitter

Tomazic said that Natalie was a seventh grader. Sebastian was in class eight. According to CBS New York, the children's classmates left candles and balloons outside the house on Sunday night.

Community Shocked

Since the remains were found inside their home on Sunday morning neighbors have been left to weep and wonder what happened to the family. "She was always so nice, nice smile on her face every time never. Would think something was wrong," a neighbor told CBS New York.

Krzysztof Nieroda
Krzysztof Nieroda with his children Twitter

The couple had moved into their tranquil suburban home in 2007.

Krzysztof worked as an electrician, according to his LinkedIn profile. Justyna worked as a beautician and hairstylist at Prestige in Rahway, New Jersey.

Krzysztof announced on Facebook that he and Justyna were going on a date to a nearby restaurant less than a month before the murder-suicide.

The man just scribbled "Date time." "Me and my beautiful wife."

Krzysztof Nieroda and Justyna
Krzysztof Nieroda and Justyna Twitter

The family was regarded as "quiet" and "friendly" by locals, who also claimed to frequently see them out walking their dog. They are an ordinary family. It is therefore impossible to believe what happened, a neighbor said.

The neighbor added that the family enjoyed camping and that their kitchen had just been renovated.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy also confirmed that he was aware of the situation and would 'support Linden however possible.'