Who Was Kimberley Nix? Tik-Toker Who Lost the Battle with Metastatic Sarcoma, Announced her own Death in an Emotional Video " I Have Passed Away"

Despite her illness, she continued to use her platform to raise awareness about sarcoma

Kimberley Nix, a beloved influencer known for sharing her journey battling metastatic sarcoma on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, tragically passed away at the age of 31 on Wednesday, May 8. With a following of over 137,000, Nix inspired millions with her candid videos documenting her experiences, including her struggles with cancer.

Kimberley Nix

Nix, who was in her third and final year of an internal medicine core residency when she received her diagnosis, had been fighting the disease for three years. Despite her illness, she continued to use her platform to raise awareness about sarcoma and to encourage others facing similar challenges.

"Life is so much more. It's friends, family, pets, your career, the perfect temperature first sip of tea, the beautiful snow-tipped mountains," Nix had shared in an interview with PEOPLE in April, emphasizing the importance of finding joy in everyday moments.

Metastatic sarcoma, the rare cancer Nix battled, originates in the bone marrow and spreads to connective tissues throughout the body. While surgery can be successful if the cancer is caught early and confined to specific areas, managing the disease becomes the primary focus once it spreads.

Nix, who initially received a diagnosis of extra-skeletal osteosarcoma, later learned she had undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, highlighting the complexities of diagnosing sarcoma, which has over 100 subtypes.

Awareness of sarcoma symptoms is crucial, as there are no screening tests available. Nix emphasized the importance of being vigilant, sharing her own experience of noticing a rapidly growing lump in her left leg, which led to her seeking medical attention promptly.

Before her passing, Nix took to TikTok to share the news herself, with her husband, Michael MacIsaac, posting a heartfelt video on her behalf on Thursday, May 9. "Hello followers, if you're seeing this message, I've passed away peacefully", was her last emotional message to the world.

Kimberley Nix's legacy as an advocate for sarcoma awareness and a beacon of hope for many lives on, with her memory cherished by her devoted followers and loved ones alike.