Who Was James Whitney Hill? Elderly American Teacher Killed by Russians While Waiting in Line for Food

James Whitney Hill, a 67-year-old U.S. citizen, was among those killed in Russian firing in the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv. Hill was ambushed while he was waiting in a line for taking bread.

In an attack which was described as "horrific" by the US embassy in Kyiv, Russian soldiers shot dead at least 10 civilians who were queuing for bread outside Chernihiv.

James Whitney Hill
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Hill's Death Was Reported by His Sister in a Social Media Post

As reported previously, a video of the aftermath of the brutal shooting shows bodies lying on the street amid heavy bombardment by Russian air force.

The motionless bodies of at least ten people were found sprawled on the street after they were reportedly slain in cold blood, according to footage published by the Ukrainian website Public and confirmed by the US Embassy in Kyiv.

New York Post reported that the State Department informed Hill's brother about his death. The 67-year-old who was working as a teacher, was staying in Ukraine from past 25 years.

Announcing Hill's death his sister Cheryl Hill Gordon in a post on Facebook. "My brother Jimmy Hill was killed yesterday in Chernihiv, Ukraine. He was waiting in a bread line with several other people when they were gunned down by Russian military [snipers]. His body was found in the street by the local police," wrote Gordon.

Hill Was in Chernihiv for His Girlfriend's Treatment

Speaking to the outlet, the bereaved sister said that Hill was having an affair with a former 40-year-old student in Ukraine. His partner was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The couple was in Chernihiv after they found a doctor there who "knew much more about MS than other doctors in the area."

"He finally got her into the hospital in January. Once the war broke out, he made the decision to stay. He was actually trying to get her out of there, but Irina was in poor condition. She would have needed an ambulance to get her out and there was no way to get her out. The hospital was running out of food, so he went out to food and that's how he was killed," Gordon told the outlet.

Earlier in a post made on social media, Hill wrote, "We are trapped in Chernihiv. They bomb here every night. People discouraged. Food shortages, gas, running water, some electricity..there is a siege here..."