Marjorie Taylor Greene Trolled For 'Commander and Chief' Remark on Twitter; Gets Schooled For 'Your'

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was trolled on social media after she wrote "commander and chief" while trying to ace over conservative commentator Bill Kristol in Twitter war. She was also given a grammar lesson for writing "your" instead of 'you're.'

Earlier, Greene was slammed for confusing gazpacho with the Nazi Gestapo. In a major gaffe, Greene unintentionally used the word 'gazpacho,' which is a cold Spanish soup when she meant to accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of deploying Capitol Police as Nazi 'gestapos' to eavesdrop on GOP lawmakers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene Screen grab - Twitter

Greene Unaware of Designations in US Administration?

In the incident which took place on Wednesday, Greene was clashing with Kristol, a strong Trump critic, after he responded to her tweet criticizing Joe Biden. "We are playing with the same starting line up that abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, armed the Taliban, and got 13 killed. Saudi talks to Xi but not Biden. Biden is making a deal w/ Iran & they fired missiles towards our consulate. This isn't the team you bet on," Greene had tweeted.

Responding to her tweet, Kristol wrote, "@RepMTG recommends betting against America."

The tweet appeared to be a breaking point for Greene who then went all out lambasting the former Chief of Staff to Dan Quayle. Calling Kristol "pumpkin," Greene tweeted, "I tell you what pumpkin. How about you suit up and report to your commander and chief yourself and tell him your reporting for duty. You might want to train a little first, the only thing in shape on you and prepared for war is your little Twitter thumbs."

Social Media Lashes Out at the Republican

Greene's grave mistake led to 'Commander and chief' and 'Commander in chief' trending on social media.

"Are the commander and chief two different people, pumpkin?" wrote a user.

"Commander and chief". Beyond parody. It's "Commander-IN-Chief" you unbelievable moron. Fucking hell," tweeted another user.

"Oh my. She thinks it's "Commander and chief." She also spells "your" instead of "you're" – but Commander and is she there? Oh this explains how," wrote another.

"THIS JUST IN: Calling people "pumpkin" doesn't make you correct," read a tweet.

"I bet you that Trump thought he was "Commander and Chief" when he was in the office. And probably still is," opined a user.