Who Was Christopher Christensen? School Principal Who Jumped to Death from Disneyland Parking Lot Left Facebook Suicide Note Blaming Wife for Calling 911

Court records show there were misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and violence filed against Christensen and he was due to appear in court on Monday.

The man who jumped to his death from a Disneyland multi-story parking has been identified as an elementary school principal who was due in court on Monday on child endangerment charges and left a suicide note on Facebook blaming his wife for endangering his career by calling 911 when they argued in front of their daughters.

Christopher Christensen, 51, the principal of William T. Newland Elementary School in Huntington Beach, committed suicide in front of parkgoers, including children, who had gathered to watch the yearly Candlelight Ceremony in Anaheim. Christensen had been the principal of Huntington Beach elementary schools for 22 years, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Suicide Note on Social Media

Christopher Christensen
Christopher Christensen Twitter

Christensen in his final Facebook post directly accused his wife Marlena of "letting her anger get the best of her," then calling the police, putting him in jail, and then causing him to lose his job and go on administrative leave.

Court records show there were misdemeanor charges of child endangerment and violence filed against Christensen and he was due to appear in court on Monday. However, he took his life by jumping from the Mickey & Friends parking garage.

Christopher Christensen with wife
Christopher Christensen with his wife Marlena Twitter

"I hate when people leave this Earth with so many unanswered questions. So, I hope this provides some insight and perspective," the proud one-time "administrator of the year" told his Facebook friends in a calm tone.

Christensen then introduced friends in the Facebook note to his wife "Marlena," writing: "Yes, you heard me correctly. Most of you don't know this but we privately married 3 ½ years ago.

"Marlena and I love and adore each other and our relationship has been amazing ... up until recently," he wrote sharing photos of them on their wedding day.

Christopher Christensen with wife
Christopher Christensen with his wife Marlene Twitter

"Unfortunately, two weeks ago she and I got into a heated argument at home in front of the girls," he claimed, admitting that "tempers were flared and strong words were exchanged."

"However, never in this exchange did I hit, slap, or hurt Marlena in any manner. Nor did I ever touch the girls (I never have and never will)," he clarified as he continued, saying he loved the girls "like my own."

"Unfortunately, Marlena's anger got the best of her that night and she called the police, which landed me in jail that night. Yes, me! A man who has never hit or harmed ANYONE in his life!" he wrote.

Cutting a Sorry Figure

Christensen is the son of longtime Disney theme parks' musical director Jim Christensen. In his lengthy Facebook post, he continued to stress that his wife Marlena was to blame for anything and that he was almost innocent.

Christopher Christensen
Christopher Christensen's suicide note which he posted on Facebook Twitter

He stressed that his wife ruined his life by calling 911 and shouldn't have done that as it endangered his career, with him being sent on administrative leave. However, he also said that his wife now regrets making that call.

He claimed that his secret wife "truly regrets making that call, because the events of that night have completely unraveled both of our lives."

"I am on the brink of losing my job, as I am out on administrative leave until my case is 'resolved,'" he wrote of the case. According to court records, Christensen pleaded not guilty to the charges in his Nov. 22 arraignment.

His wife "knows I would never hurt her or the girls" — and "has been trying to clear my name with little success," he wrote. "However, the legal system is extremely flawed (especially against men/fathers) and it's sickening how quickly and easily an innocent man can be thrown in jail based on zero evidence or proof!" he seethed.

Christopher Christensen
Christopher Christensen Twitter

"So, here I am ... writing my final FB post to all of you," he wrote.

"I need you all to know that a gentle, kind, loving and sincerely good man has been destroyed by one unfortunate night. It really is unfortunate! This is NOT me! This is NOT something that I ever thought would happen to me," he wrote.

The charges put the principal "on the brink" of losing his job, which he stated as one of the causes of his suicide.

The specific charges made against Christensen are not listed in the Orange County Superior Court records. The alleged crimes allegedly occurred on November 15, and Christensen was freed on November 17 after posting a $10,000 bond. At his arraignment on Nov. 22, he then entered a not guilty plea to the charges of child endangerment and violence.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he had been the principal of Courreges Elementary School for more than 11 years before his death.