Who was C.Gambino ? Award-Winning Masked Rapper Shot Dead in Sweden

He was specifically in a parking garage near Selma Lagerlöf's Square in the Hisingen area

Swedish rap star C.Gambino, real name Karar Ramadan, was fatally shot in Gothenburg on Tuesday evening. The 26-year-old masked rapper, renowned for his distinctive style and significant impact on Sweden's music scene, was ambushed in a parking garage near Selma Lagerlöf's Square in the Hisingen area.

Local media reports that C.Gambino was attacked as he parked his car, with one or more assailants lying in wait. According to police, the rapper was hit by at least two bullets, and seven bullet holes were found in a nearby glass door. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival.


Officer Thomas Fuxborg of the Gothenburg police confirmed that C.Gambino was specifically targeted. "He lived in the area, and when he came to park his car, the attackers waiting for him opened fire," Fuxborg stated.

Authorities have launched an investigation and are appealing to the public for any information related to the shooting. Police spokesperson Jens Andersson mentioned that a witness reported seeing a car linked to the incident, which is now part of the investigation. Another spokesperson, Annika Laag, emphasized the ongoing effort to collect witness testimonies and continue the technical investigation.


C.Gambino was a significant figure in Swedish hip hop, boasting a million monthly listeners on Spotify and a recently released single. His contributions to the music industry were recognized with a Grammi, Sweden's most prestigious music award, comparable to the American Grammy.

The rapper's death has sparked a wave of grief and tributes from fans and fellow artists on social media. Users expressed their sorrow and admiration for C.Gambino's talent, with messages highlighting the tragedy of losing such a young and influential artist.

This incident recalls the 2021 killing of another prominent Swedish rapper, Einár, who was shot in an execution-style attack at the age of 19. Police have not ruled out gang-related motives in C.Gambino's case, reflecting the ongoing issue of violence in the Swedish rap community.

C.Gambino's death marks a significant loss for Sweden's music scene, leaving a lasting impact on fans and the industry alike.