Who Was Adir Tahar? Hamas Terrorist Decapitated Israeli Soldier and Tried to Sell His Head for $10,000 Before It Was Found in Freezer in Gaza

Adir was identified through his soldier dog tags and a DNA test, necessary due to the gruesome mutilation inflicted upon his body by the terrorists.

An Israeli soldier was beheaded by Hamas terrorists on October 7 and his decapitated head was then reportedly put up for sale in Gaza, with a price tag of $10,000, it has emerged. Sergeant Adir Tahar, 19, from Jerusalem, was killed by Hamas terrorists who threw grenades at him during a rampage through southern Israel, resulting in the massacre of 1,200 Israelis.

The attackers then beheaded Adir and brought his severed head to Gaza, his grief-stricken father, David Tahar said slamming the "incredibly barbaric" desecration of his son's body, speaking to Channel 14. The barbaric incident is another of the several atrocities being carried out by the Hamas.

Hamas' Barbarism

Adir Tahar
Adir Tahar X

In the grip of immense sorrow, David had to lay his son's mutilated remains to rest. Despite the heart-wrenching situation, he pledged to make every effort to repatriate Adir's head, aiming to provide him with a final sense of peace for both mind and body.

After an exhaustive two and a half months, IDF soldiers successfully recovered the 19-year-old's head from a duffel bag concealed among tennis balls in a freezer in Gaza, according to David.

The IDF later informed him that, based on the interrogation of two Hamas terrorists, it was revealed that one of them had tried to sell Adir's head for $10,000 in Gaza.

"It's incredibly barbaric," David said, as he recounted the profound anguish of discovering a video online showing his son's decapitated body.

"The terrorists, the barbarians, they beheaded him and took the head to Gaza. I did everything I could, it wasn't easy, in the end I got a body without a head. I insisted that the army let me see the body," David said.

"They tried to explain to me that I should not see it."

Adir Tahar
Adir Tahar X

However, the devastated father was determined to see his son's body.

With hands trembling, David opened Adir's coffin just before the burial, seeing his worst nightmare—Adir's decapitated body, marked by shrapnel wounds.

"Half an hour before I buried my child, his body arrived at Mount Herzi, I opened the coffin when I was alone," he said, adding, "I understood then what I was burying. He was unrecognizable."

Nightmare for a Father

Adir was identified through his soldier dog tags and a DNA test, necessary due to the gruesome mutilation inflicted upon his body by the terrorists. "When I buried Adir I knew I was burying my child without an essential part of him. Then the journey began to search for that missing part," David said.

Adir Tahar
Adir Tahar's father David Tahar shared the chilling story during a recent interview X

In his quest for information about Adir, the distraught father came across a distressing video of his son on the messaging platform Telegram.

"There's a video from Telegram. Unfortunately I found the video of my son, where you can see that my child is without this essential part of him," David said.

IDF soldiers found Adir's head in a duffel bag containing tennis balls and documents, over two months after his son was killed and beheaded.

Adir Tahar
Adir Tahar X

David was informed by Israeli forces that after questioning two Hamas terrorists, "they realized one of them had tried to sell his head for $10,000."

"It's a miracle we were eventually able to recover his head. We recovered the bones, what they found, tested DNA, also found teeth, and buried him."

David buried his son again three weeks ago following the recovery of Adir's head.

The brutal murder and beheading of Adir bring further attention to the terrorists' savage assault on October 7. In retaliation, Israel launched a powerful bombardment of Gaza, resulting in the reported death of 24,000 people, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry.

The horrific events on October 7 involved unimaginable atrocities, including the killing of a husband and the gouging of his eyes by Hamas gunmen.

They also mutilated the wife by cutting off her breasts. Medics recounted how entire families were massacred in their homes by the black-clad terrorists, armed with assault rifles and grenades, during their surprise attack on southern Israel on October 7.

Moreover, an Israeli colonel shared an account of a gunman cutting open a pregnant mother's stomach, killing her baby in front of her, before fatally shooting her in the head.

Hamas beheads babies

Israel's devastating bombardment on Gaza in retaliation has left hundreds dead and reduced the small enclave to rubble.

The latest numbers from the Gaza Health Ministry show that at least 24,448 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli bombardments and ground assaults. Over 70 percent of these victims were women, small children, and teenagers.

Around 250 hostages were taken by Hamas and other terrorists during the October 7 attacks. Of them, about 132 are still in Gaza, with at least 27 of them reportedly dead.