Who is Tina Kandelaki? Putin's TV Propagandist Challenged by Russians for Her Pro-War Messages

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been channelizing his narratives with many state-backed individuals, who hold key positions. Tina Kandelaki, a multimillionaire TV presenter, is one of them and she has been spreading war-mongering messages on her TV show. But as the Ukraine war is worsening and Putin's troops are returning in coffins, she is facing massive criticism for still giving pro-war messages on her show.

Russians are targeting the 46-year-old TV presenter for her pro-war messages and questioned why did her 20-year-old son not join the Russian Army.

Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki Twitter

Last week, Kandelaki also appeared on stage when Putin attended a live pro-war show to mark eight years of Crimea annexation.

Where is Kandelaki's Son Leontyi Kondrakhin?

Kandelaki also made remarks during the pro-war event and accused the West of trying to erase Russia like a social media account. She favored the war in Ukraine and termed it necessary to teach them a lesson for efforting to threaten Russia, according to The Mirror.

"We carry the rank of Russia with pride, despite all the difficulties and hardships that we now have to go through. The West wants to "erase" the whole of the country "like a social media account" and this is done "for one simple reason - you speak Russian," she told the crowd.

Tina Kandelaki
Tina Kandelaki Twitter

With such pro-war messages, many war critics in Russia are asking whereabouts of her son Leontyi 'Leo' Kondrakhin. "Tina, I hope your son, as the son of a patriot, is now inside a tank near Melitopol?" war critic Veronika Belotserkovskaya asked her.

What Does Russian Law Say?

Pictures that appeared on the internet have shown that Leo is a musician and currently resides in Moscow, not in the army.

As per Russian law, Leo should have been conscripted from the age of 18. However, elite parents often manage a medical exemption for their offspring, or sometimes their studies allow them to defer.

Kandelaki is now being questioned by many Russians as their sons are forced into the war against their wishes and parents in Russia are now getting the dead bodies of their soldier sons.