Ukraine Destroys Russian Warship 'Orsk'; Video Shows Horrific Explosions at Occupied Port

Ukraine has destroyed a Russian Naval ship that Kremlin used to unload reinforcements at a captured port. The Ukrainian armed forces have made the claim saying Orsk has been destroyed at Berdiansk Port.

According to Ukraine's General Staff, the Russian warship "Orsk" was exploded in the port of Berdiansk, which is currently occupied by the Russian forces.

Russian ship destroyed
Russian ship destroyed at a Ukrainian Port Twitter

Ukrainian Navy Scored Direct Hit on Orsk

The Ukrainian Navy had scored a direct hit on the Orsk, a 370ft Russian Alligator-class tank carrier, as it was sitting at anchor in the captured port of Berdyansk, in the south of Ukraine, reported Daily Mail.

Various videos of the incident have appeared on the internet showing a thick black smoke rising from the port as the ship was at the harbor in flames. Two other ships were also nearby but sailed away after the fire started spreading. One of those ships is also believed to be damaged in the incident.

Orsk Carried Heavy Armored Vehicle

Recently, Russia revealed that Orsk was being used at the Berdiansk to unload heavily armored vehicles which were carrying out attacks against Ukraine. The ship had also sent reinforcement troops in nearby Mariupol. The Russian video helped Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry out the attack as the ship was playing a key role for Russia in the war.

Russian ship destroyed
Russian ship destroyed at a Ukrainian Port Twitter

The alligator class ship exploded at the port and it is potentially the first time Ukrainian forces have managed to inflict such massive damage to Russia. The incident is also embarrassing to Russia's beleaguered army.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also claimed that they have damaged two more ships.

"A 3,000-ton fuel tank was also destroyed. The fire spread to the enemy's ammunition depot. Details of the damage inflicted on the occupier are being clarified," said Ukraine forces. So far, it's not clear what kind of attack did Ukraine carry out against the ship and what weapons were used.

Previously, the Russian Defence Ministry had said that the "large landing ship Orsk is the first warship of the Russian Federation to enter the port of Berdyansk. It delivered equipment -- armored personnel carriers.

The Ministry had also said that the ships of this project are very spacious and can take on board a large amount of equipment, up to 20 tanks or up to 40 armored personnel carriers.

Berdyansk port sits on the Azov Sea and it is nearly 45 miles from southwest of Mariupol.