Who is Tim Wallis? Georgia Police Chief Suspended for Calling Female Officer 'Hooters Girl'

'You walk around here looking like a Hooters girl when the air conditioner's not working,' Lawrenceville Police Department Chief Tim Wallis allegedly said to a female officer.

A Georgia police chief told a female officer she looked like a 'Hooter's girl,' according to a report. Lawrenceville Police Department Chief Tim Wallis was suspended without pay after the female cop recorded him calling her a 'Hooter's girl.'

"You walk around here looking like a Hooters girl when the air conditioner's not working. Are you working here or are you working at Hooters? Go get you some orange shorts on," Chief Wallis is quoted in a 33-page report obtained by Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the aforementioned report, sexual harassment and hostile workplace probe into allegations against Chief Wallis led actions against two other top cops at the department as well.

Lawrenceville PD Chief Tim Wallis
Lawrenceville PD Chief Tim Wallis Screen grab - Twitter

'Hostile workplace'

Some female employees told independent investigators that Wallis created a hostile workplace that left them feeling 'undervalued,' according to the report. The complaints against Chief Wallis were made in October, according to a statement released Thursday obtained by The Post.

Apart from Wallis' 10-day suspension, his assistant chief, Maj. Myron Walker was ordered counseling, officials noted. Another police officer, Captain Christopher Ryan Morgan reportedly retired before the probe was over. He will face no actions even if he's found guilty of violating the city's harassment policy.

'Lewd comments via text'

Morgan allegedly made 'lewd comments via text' to an unnamed female officer, and asked for pictures of her breasts, the investigation revealed.

"I was disturbed by the findings of the investigation and issued penalties to the appropriate employees. This is unacceptable and won't be tolerated," Lawrenceville City Manager Chuck Warbington said.

The suspended chief, Tim Wallis, however, defended himself stating that he has had a 'spotless' 31-year career in law enforcement. Wallis has led Lawrenceville police since 2018.

According to the city's website, Wallis is a certified General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Motorcycle Instructor, who rose from a patrol officer to the chief during his 20 years at the station.