Who is Teresa O'Toole? Maskless 'Karen' Harasses Arby's Employee, Refuses to Leave Restaurant Because She's 'Not Contagious' [VIDEO]

The maskless "Karen" was identified as a Hollywood stunt performer who has worked on titles like "Furious 7," "American Horror Stories," "The Conjuring 2" and "Annabelle: Creation."

A video of a "Karen" refusing to leave an Arby's restaurant after being denied service for not wearing a face mask is being widely circulated on social media.

TikToker @charcoaldeath's video of the maskless woman trying to order food from the restaurant that is enforcing the guidelines of the CDC's mask mandate has garnered over 2.5 million views on the platform.

'Please Leave Our Store'

Teresa O'Toole
Stills from the video shared by @charcoaldeath on TikTok TikTok

The video starts off with the Arby's employee, who is black, asking the woman to leave the store as part of their no-mask-no-service policy.

"Ma'am. Please leave our store," the TikToker says to the woman, who is seen standing on the other side of the counter without a mask.

"Why did you suddenly get emotional when we were talking civilly," the woman asks.

"Ma'am, I'm not trying to have a conversation anymore. I'm asking you to leave," the employee responds.

The woman continues to stand in front of the counter before asking the employee to identify himself. She then attempts to take a photo of the man's name tag.

'I'm Not Contagious'

As the woman fumbles with her phone for 20 seconds as the pictures she takes are "foggy," the employee offers to write his name and designation down on a slip of paper for her in a bid to get the woman to leave.

"It's a simple thing. It's been two years of wearing a mask," the TikToker says

"And it's ridiculous," the woman replies.

"Regardless of how you feel, it's our company and we're allowed to do it," the employee tells her.

The woman then becomes more incensed and starts to tell him how she is "not even contagious" and that she has "antibodies."

She then urges the employee to call the police and questions why he is afraid of calling the cops.

"The constitution does protect my right to come to this place that is open to the public," she adds. She continues to argue tell him it is illegal to "out people on social media" for another 30 seconds before getting into another confrontation with a customer.

Who is Teresa O' Toole?

It didn't take long for popular TikToker @thatdaneshguy to identify the woman in the video as Teresa O'Toole, a stunt performer who goes by the stage name Tree O'Toole. Her credits include a long list of titles such as American Horror Stories, Annabelle: Creation, The Conjuring 2 and Furious 7 among other popular films, according to her IMDB profile.

Teresa O'Toole
Teresa O'Toole Twitter

Teresa O'TooleTwitter

Her "Women in Stunts" profile also includes her stunt reels and has her listed as a member of SAG-ASTRA and the United Stuntwomen's Association and a board member of the Stuntwomen's Foundation.