Who is Telling Nayeon 'Death Is The Key'? Fans Worried as TWICE Star is Threatened

Protect Nayeon trends on Twitter as TWICE's singer is facing death threats from verified Facebook page Death is The Key.

TWICE's Nayeon has been facing death threats despite not being on the bad books of any fan groups. The Kpop singer has received fresh death threats from Facebook page Death Is the Key. This has created panic among Nayeon's fans, who demand action from her agency JYP Entertainment.

TWICE member Nayeon is receiving death threats from China-based facebook page Death is The Key. Facebook
Death is the Key

The fans have started trending #ProtectNayeon on Twitter and expressed concerns about the safety of the singer. Recently, the singer had received threats again from the German stalker Josh, who said that he will travel to Korea in July to meet the singer.

"We Are Going to Kill Nayeon"

Nayeon death threat tweet

The latest threat Nayeon is facing is from a verified Facebook page Death is The Key. The page has 24,000 followers and the administrator is said to be from Beijing. The post was published at 7 p.m. on July 1. They published Nayeon's photo with a wrong mark on it. The comment reads: "Guys, support us. We are going to kill Nayeon. We admins will meet at 205 Gangdong-daero, Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Death is near, Nayeon."

JYP Entertainment is yet to react to this news. Earlier, when stalker Josh had threatened to kill Nayeon (if she dated anyone else), the agency had issued restraining orders. Recently too when Josh threatened to come to South Korea, it was said that he will be arrested as soon as he steps foot in the country.

Stalker Josh Leaks Nayeon's Phone Number

Nayeon has faced death threats from Josh more than three times. Josh had once even leaked Nayeon's phone number online. After stalking her with online messages harassing and threatening her, Josh had tried to approach the singer while the group was traveling from Japan to Korea. He was allegedly stopped by Nayeon's management team.

The restraining order against Josh was issued after this incident in December 2019. The order was temporarily lifted after Josh returned to Germany. But the singer's agency said that the order will be effective again if Josh sets foot in South Korea.

It was also said that TWICE member Mina also had received threats. Following this, she had to step away from the group's activities for a while.