TWICE Nayeon's Stalker Threatens to Travel to Korea in July as Love Messages Become Death Threats

TWICE's Nayeon is facing death threats from Josh, a stalker from Germany. The stalker says he will travel to Korea to meet her in person.

Kpop star Nayeon, who is basking in the success of TWICE's latest album More and More, is again being threatened by her German stalker, Josh. He has been stalking Nayeon with 'I Love You' messages and forcing her to accept his feelings persistently on social media. Suspension of his social media accounts and restraining orders against him have also been of no avail.

In a recent message, the 26-year-old said that he will probably be back in Korea in July after the travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are relaxed. "It's me, Josh. I am not a stalker. I truly love Nayeon and I need to talk with her about my feelings. Please ask her to give me a chance to explain myself," Josh is said to have told on social media, according to AllKpop.

TWICE Nayeon
TWICE's Nayeon has been threatened again by the German stalker, Josh. Instagram

Restraining Orders Against The Stalker

Nayeon's agency had issued a restraining order against Josh when he tried to threaten her in Korea in October 2019. However, the restraining orders are currently not in force. But JYP Entertainment has clarified that the restraining order will come into effect the moment Josh lands in Korea.

In March 2020, Josh had issued serious threats to Nayeon's life if she continues to ignore him. "This is a life and death situation. And this is not a joke. Me and Nayeon might die soon if she keeps ignoring me. When I give up then what will happen is we both will die," read Josh's message.

Death Threats by Josh

Josh, who hails from Germany, had traveled to Korea in October 2019 and had tried to threaten Nayeon on the plane that she was traveling in. "If she dates secretly behind my back without telling me, of course, 100 percent I would kill her," read his message after he was restrained from approaching her.

Nayeon Stalker message

Josh had earlier said that he views Nayeon as just another person and not as a Kpop star. He had also declared that he wishes to meet her and tell her that they should marry and relocate to Australia. He has been threatening repeatedly that he will travel to Korea and meet the singer in person.

Fans have called for strict action against the German stalker and asked JYP Entertainment to protect Nayeon. Josh reiterates that he is not a stalker in spite of obsessively harassing Nayeon on social media. Her fans have also said that Josh should not be allowed to step into Korea.

This article was first published on June 15, 2020