Who is Tasha Haefs? Missouri Mom Charged with DECAPITATING her Son, 6, and her Dog at home

Officers arrived at the scene to find 35-year-old Tasha Haefs singing from inside and refused to let the cops enter the house.

A Missouri woman was charged with decapitating her 6-year-old son and her dog at her home. Police officers responded to the scene after the woman called 911 alleging that the devil was trying to kill her on Tuesday night. Officers arrived at the Kansas City home to find blood on the front steps at the home and 35-year-old Tasha Haefs singing from inside.

Haefs initially refused to open the door to let the cops in. According to police, the louder the knocked on the door, the louder she sang. One officer peeped through to a window and saw what appeared to be a decapitated head in the house. Officers then knocked down the door to find Haefs with blood on her legs and feet.

According to Fox4kc.com, officers noted that Haefs had several cuts and scratches on both of her hands and a cut and a puncture wound to her right thigh. She was found blood-soaked with two blood-stained knives in plain view, a criminal complaint noted.

Tasha Haefs
Tasha Haefs Screen grab - Jackson County Detenetion Center

First-degree murder

Police found the decapitated body of a 6-year-old boy in the kitchen and a decapitated dog in the basement of the house. A blood-stained screwdriver was also recovered from the scene. Haefs, while speaking to the police, admitted to killing the boy in the bathtub and then decapitating him.

Haefs was charged with the first-degree murder of her son and armed criminal action on Wednesday.

A motive is not clear

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said in a statement that her office 'pledges to do everything in its power to bring justice in this young boy's murder. We will not shrink from our responsibility.' "It's difficult to imagine the grief for this boy's family. For the child's classmates. His friends. Neighbors. The first responders who went to this crime scene. 'I expect it leaves us not knowing what to do. We might look at our loved ones today and give some thanks to God or even say a prayer," she added.

A motive behind the gruesome crime is not established yet. The whereabouts or identity of the deceased kid's father is not known at the moment.