Omaha Dad Throws 8-Month-Old Baby at the Wall for Disturbing him While Video-Gaming

'He became frustrated with his daughter for crying while he was trying to play video games and drink shots,' the baby's mother noted.

An Omaha man thurled his 8-month-old baby at the wall smashing her skull because she was a distraction to him while playing video games. The incident took place in November last year. The father of the baby, Theodor Hurt, 23, was arrested in December after medics, who treated the baby noticed something foul and notified the police.

According to The Sun, the baby's mother and Hurt's wife, Dakota Vick, 24, was booked past Thursday, February 8. On February 10, officials confirmed on the basis of Vick's testimony that Hurt threw his baby against the wall out of frustration. The couple initially tried to mislead the authorities pertaining to the cause behind their daughter's fractured skull.

The couple took their baby to a hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, they told the medics that she fractured her skull by falling off the couch twice while getting her diaper changed on November 19. Medics, however, got suspicious and contacted the cops, which led to Hurt's arrest.

Theodor Hurt (L) and Dakota Vick
Theodor Hurt (L) and Dakota Vick Screen grab - Omaha Police Department

'He became frustrated with his daughter...'

After her arrest, the baby's mother, Vick admitted to having seen her husband lashing out at their daughter. "He became frustrated with his daughter for crying while he was trying to play video games and drink shots," she said. Hurt is said to have taken her daughter upstairs and thrown her into her pack-n-play hard enough that she hit her head on the wall out of frustration.

Vick reportedly watched her husband abuse their daughter without a flinch. Not only did the couple lie about the abuse of their daughter, but they also garnered witnesses to support their initial statement. Hurt's mother wrongly testified to the police that she saw the baby fall off the couch at least once on November 19.

Skull fracture

According to records, the baby was found to have a 'skull fracture and significant swelling on the right side of her head.' The couple also fosters other four kids aged, 2, 4, 6, and 8, who have been placed in state care.

The couple is in police custody with bail set at $82,000 and $25,000 respectively. While Hurt has pleaded guilty to charges filed against him, Vick hasn't entered a plea yet.