Who Is Susanna Gibson? Virginia Democratic Candidate and Mom-of-Two Performed Sex Acts With Husband Online and Asked Viewers for Tips [WATCH]

At another point she can be heard saying: "Y'all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens, again I'm raising money for a good cause."

Newly unearthed recordings suggest that a Democrat candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates also works as an online porn star. Susanna Gibson, a mother of two young children who is running in a competitive race to represent District 57 in Richmond, reportedly engaged in online sex acts with her husband while soliciting "tips" from her online audience.

The videos obtained by DailyMail.com show Gibson, 40, who is also a nurse practitioner, was anything but discreet about her online sex encounters. The videos were uploaded to Chaturbate, a website that claims its name refers to "the act of masturbating while chatting online." One of her videos has since gone viral.

Moonlighting as a Porn Star

Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson X

The 40-year-old nurse practitioner and her husband engaged in over a dozen live sex romps on a platform. These sessions were subsequently made publicly accessible on the website Recurbate in September 2022, shortly after she announced her candidacy, the Washington Post first reported.

The unconventional candidate had amassed over 5,770 followers on Chaturbate, where she frequently encouraged them to provide additional "tokens" in exchange for specific activities during "private" shows. She also mentioned that she was "raising money for a good cause."

In the recordings, Gibson can be seen soliciting 'tips' from viewers to request particular sex acts, which is against Chaturbate's terms and policies, which says: "Requesting or demanding specific acts for tips may result in a ban from the Platform for all parties involved."

In one video clip obtained by DailyMail.com, Gibson tells her husband: "Ill let you f*** me in the a** doggy style in a private room if someone wants to pay. That's the deal."

At another point she can be heard saying: "Y'all can watch me pee if you tip me and some tokens, again I'm raising money for a good cause."

Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson in one of the many sex tapes she posted online X

In some of her other videos, she mentioned that she and her husband had explored the idea of "swapping" with different partners, emphasizing her stance as "ethically non-monogamous." However, she also noted that her husband wasn't comfortable with the idea of sharing.

"Yeah I f*** random strangers if you're hot," she says. "We have tried swapping. I was telling them earlier about ethical non-monogamy. We uh, he doesn't like sharing."

John David Gibson, her husband, who is an attorney, then says: "Sometimes I have to though. She makes me."

"I've had three in a day actually," Gibson says at another point. "Don't tell my husband he was the third."

Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson X

"I'm married and I think the person I'm married to is amazing. But I love sex. I always have I always will. I don't think that when you are in love with someone it means that you don't want to f*** other people. Like love and sex are not mutually exclusive right," Gibson explains of her marriage.

Caught in the Act

In several videos, Gibson requests 'tokens' from viewers and offers to take them into a secret online area in exchange for payment. "Y'all I need more tips ... They want anal and missionary but I'm only doing it if they're in a private room."

Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson with her husband Twitter

"Racking up one token left and right, any more? I'm raising money for a really good cause," she says at one point. The purpose of raising money, whether it was for her campaign or another cause, remains unclear.

Gibson describes the release of the tapes as "an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family" in a statement given to the Post.

Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson X

"It won't intimidate me and it won't silence me,' she said. 'My political opponents and their Republican allies have proven they're willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family because there's no line they won't cross to silence women when they speak up."

Gibson is set to compete against Republican David Owen, a retired home builder, in an election scheduled for November 7. This election will involve all 140 House and Senate seats in Virginia.

She is running a campaign revolving around affordable health care. "My particular medical experiences have given me a unique insight into the intersectionality of health with economic stability, education, environmental justice, discrimination, social support systems, and more, all of which greatly impact Virginia's policy and legislation needs," her website reads.