White Boy, 14, Accused of Trying to Drown Black Boy in Massachusetts Pond While Calling Him 'George Floyd'

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Goose Pond
Goose Pond in Chatham, Massachusetts, where the alleged incident took place. Twitter

A 14-year-old white boy, whose identity remains undisclosed because of his age, faces charges in an alleged racially motivated murder attempt involving another youth.

The suspect reportedly threatened the victim with a stone and hurled the N-word at him, according to District Attorney Robert Galibois.

Defendant Tried to Submerge Victim Under Water While Referring to Him as 'George Floyd'

As reported by Atlanta Black Star, the incident occurred in Chatham, Massachusetts, at Goose Pond on July 19. The victim was at the pond with two others, whom he reportedly told he could not swim. He was reportedly then given a lifejacket to help him swim, and with this support, he entered the water with the boys he had just met that day.

"Once in the water, the juvenile defendant proceeded to pull on the victim's life jacket and submerged him underwater 4 to 5 times, causing the victim breathing distress. The third juvenile laughed at the victim during the attempted drowning and referred to the victim as 'George Floyd,'" a press release from Galibois read.

The assault continued as the 14-year-old swam beneath the Black youth, attempting to seize his feet in a bid to submerge him again. The prosecution asserts that the bullying ceased when the victim cried out for assistance from the shoreline, prompting a bystander to leap into the water, rescue him and bring him ashore.

Teen Indicted on Attempted Murder and Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges

The teen was indicted by a grand jury on attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charge. The district attorney said that the boy's records "shall be open to public inspection in the same manner and to the same extent as adult criminal court records," adding that all proceedings related to this case will be open to the public.

The teen attended a hearing on Thursday, Aug. 31, in Barnstable Juvenile Court. A judge ordered he be held without bail. His next appearance in court is set for Sept. 13.