Who is Siskaeee? OnlyFans Model Arrested for Filming Sex Tape in Public at Indonesian Airport

An OnlyFans model was arrested for allegedly touching her private parts in a video filmed at an Indonesian airport.

An OnlyFans model was apprehended for allegedly performing sex acts at an Indonesian airport in full view of the public. The model, identified as the Indonesian adult actress, Siskaeee E Nya Tiga, allegedly filmed herself fondling her breasts and masturbating on the 2nd floor at the departure terminal of the Yogyakarta International Airport in Java, Indonesia.

The said video that went viral on social media last month, showed Siaskeee lifting her skirt up and pleasuring herself for her fans. Her private parts were on full display during the course of the video while passengers were seen walking behind her at the terminal. An investigation into the explicit video was launched last month after furious locals reported it, leading up to the model's arrest on Saturday. She will be held in custody until her next court appearance.

Screen grab of the Siskaee's viral video
Screen grab of the Siskaee's viral video Screen grab - Twitter

'The model planned the sex acts in advance'

The airport staff informed the police that the video was allegedly filmed in the month of October. Local police chief Muharomah Fajarini said the model had planned to film the sex acts in advance as she was not wearing any undergarments. Chief Fajarini further informed that the video was taken in the parking area of YIA Airport. He called the video inappropriate and noted that airports have to maintain 'high security and this kind of "vulgar behavior is not allowed."

Yogyakarta Regional Police, on the other hand, confirmed Siskaeee's arrest on Monday, December 6. A spokesperson Yuliyanto further informed that the model was immediately taken to Yogyakarta to be legally processed for her actions which violated the Pornography Law and the ITE Law.

Siskaeee Screen grab - Twitter

The model will undergo a psychological test

Authorities informed that the model confessed to having made similar videos performing sex acts in public places in several other locations in Yogyakarta, which they are investigating. According to police, Siskaeee will have to undergo a psychological test to determine whether she has a behavioral disorder.

According to the Daily Star, the model is now facing a maximum sentence of 12 years of imprisonment and a fine of IDR 6 billion if proven guilty and convicted under Indonesia's Pornography Law. In addition to that, she is also facing 6 years under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act.