Genie Exum: OnlyFans Model Shares Photo of Herself Smirking at Police Station after Stabbing Boyfriend with Knife

Moments after getting released she posted a clip of herself sitting and smirking during police questioning, in an apparent bid to gain support from her followers

An Instagram and OnlyFans model stabbed her boyfriend with a knife in the back inside her NYC pad but walked of a Manhattan courthouse out after being freed without bail. However, she soon returned to tout her OnlyFans account. Genie Exum, 22, was arrested on Monday for stabbing her boyfriend, Francis Amor, authorities said.

Her boyfriend is expected to survive, which helped Exum get released without bail although prosecutors had asked her to be held on bail. The Instagram and OnlyFans model also recently made headlines for flashing her breasts in front of an NYPD car.

Too Desperate

Genie Exum Smirking Inside Police Station
Genie Exum Smirking Inside Police Station Twitter

Exum was arrested on Monday around 6.40 pm on a felony charge of assault with a weapon in the altercation with her boyfriend, fellow model Francis Amor, 30 at her Midtown pad. According to police she used a kitchen knife to stab her boyfriend.

However, she was released on Tuesday without bail and moments after that she went back to update her account wherein she posted a clip of herself sitting and smirking during police questioning, in an apparent bid to gain support from her followers.

So much so that she rushed to her Manhattan high rise soon after being released and didn't even answer questions from waiting reporters. Although Exum shielded her face with papers and wore a Yankees cap tugged low as she walked a gauntlet of photographers, she looked quite confident and even told a reporter, "Subscribe to my OnlyFans!," and even spelt out the name of her account as she rushed back to her high-rise.

Completely Carefree

Genie Exum
Genie Exum Twitter

In the clip, which was posted to her Instagram story, Exum smirked and appeared amused as she held up what appeared to be a piece of string, and paired the video with music from the Akon song 'Locked Up'.

In the background, the lyrics can be heard. "Now they done stop me and I get locked up/They won't let me out," Akon sings. She also captioned the video and wrote: "They took my phone y'all I'm on the trap [right now]."

That said it not known what sparked the fight between Exum and Amor. Police were called to the apartment where they both live in Hudson Yards and found Armor bleeding profusely.

Exum was released without bail but prosecutors had asked her to be held on $10,000 bail or $50,000 bond for the second-degree assault charge.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Grace Lunden argued in court that "this is a violent case," as Amor was stabbed twice, one in the forearm and once in the back. He was bleeding and was struggling to walk when he reached the lobby, where a doorman saw him and called the police. He was then taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he received stitches and is expected to survive.

Exum, who has 34,000 followers on Instagram and charges $10 a month for her nudes on OnlyFans, however, appeared to be unmoved even at the court hearing. She regularly shares photographs of her barely-dressed body, including one in which she flashes her breasts while standing in front of an NYPD cop car.