Who is SeMarion? Black Boy Made to Drink Urine of Multiple White Schoolmates; Graphic Video

A Texas boy was forced to drink urine of multiple boys and subjected to racial slurs by a group of his white classmates during a sleepover in Plano, Texas. The incident was recorded and shared on social media platform by the students. The victim, identified as SeMarion, and his classmates are students at the Haggard Middle School.

SeMarion's mother Alicia disclosed about the trauma faced by the pre-teen in a Facebook post where she claimed that the school authorities denied any action as the incident did not take place on the school's campus.

SeMarion was forced to drink urine of his class mates during a sleepover. Twitter

SeMarion Was Beaten and Slapped During the Sleepover

In the nearly 10-second viral video clip shared by Alicia on FB shows the victim SeMarion being made to drink a dark-colored urine from a cup by a white student standing nearby. At this point the others surrounding him are heard laughing loudly.

According to the Daily Mail, Next Generation Action Network group released a statement claiming that SeMarion was being bullied for a year by fellow students. It was also stated that one of the students recently and 'deliberately' befriended the victim and inviting for for a sleepover from February 12 to February 14.

The group also shared a message sent by SeMarion sent to one of the students on Snapchat where he criticized the group for making fun of him for taking medication and for saying that women should be 'raped'.

In the FB post, Alicia also shared a shot from Instagram Live, where SeMarion was called a 'white wash blackie.'

SeMarion Was Hit With Belt by Teammates

Claiming that his son was made to drink urine of multiple boys who were his football teammates, Alicia wrote in the long FB post: "Imagine your classmates and football team members turning on you and targeting you. Imagine a group of those same football team members attacking you in the locker-room with a belt. Imagine being forced to drink the urine of not only a boy who thought was your friend, but his friends. Imagine the video of you drinking the urine being sent to multiple people in your school."

A chat sent by SeMarion to his teammate and provided by The Next Generation Action Network.

The mother also claimed that SeMarino was also told that the next time "maybe you will succeed with the suicide attempt" by his peers. The mother also stated that when a complaint was raised with the school authorities they said they can't do a thing about it because "the incidents didn't all take place on campus.


In a statement released on Thursday, the Plano Police Department in Texas stated that a school resource officer at Haggard Middle School has started the investigation on March 3. "

The school resource officer was now working with a juvenile detective on the case. Together, they'll 'conduct a full and thorough investigation in an effort to identify any and criminal offenses that might have occurred during and prior to this incident," said the release.