Who is Sarah Stogner? Texas Railroad Commissioner Candidate Draws Flak for Racy Campaign Ad

The video featured a scantily clad Sarah Stogner sitting on an oil rig.

A Republican candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner was trolled on social media for a racy video ad that showed her sitting on an oil rig semi-naked. Sarah Stogner, 37, posted the video on Twitter on Superbowl Sunday.

The video featured an underclothed Stogner asking viewers to vote early ahead of the March 1 primary. A snippet of Apache by the SugarHill Gang could be heard in the background of the ad. Stoger captioned the video as 'they said I needed money. I have other assets.'

According to Fox News, after the video went viral on social media, the San Antonio Express-News revoked its endorsement of her. "We review social media, and Stogner would never had been our pick had the video appeared before we made our recommendation," the editorial said.

Stoger drew flak on social media for the racy ad with people commenting that they don't want a 'naked nutter butter' in the Texas Railroad Commission.

The video featured a scantily clad Stogner sitting on an oil rig
The video featured a scantily clad Stogner sitting on an oil rig Screen grab - Twitter


Responding to Express-News' decision to rescind its endorsement, Stogner said that she wished the paper would hear her thoughts before taking the step. "We have radiation in our water. But me scantily clad is where the line is drawn," she said in a Facebook post.

Stogner told KENNS 5 last week that she wants to put her clothes back and have a 'serious conversation.' "I want to talk about groundwater. I want to talk about flaring. I want to talk about winterizing our infrastructure pipelines. But that's boring. It doesn't get clickbait," she added.

Having around 15 years of experience as an oil and gas attorney, Stogner is standing against incumbent Wayne Christian.

'Stripper Rides Mechanical Bull'

Netizens slammed Stogner for a racy display in the ad rather than showing her qualifications for the position she's fighting for. "Yes, when I'm in a job interview I also like to take off all my clothes and grind naked on a piece of office equipment. It's the best way to prove my qualifications for the position," one person tweeted.

"When you have literally nothing to base your candidacy on, go with 'stripper rides mechanical bull'" another person wrote.

Stogner clapped back on the criticism, comparing the trolling with 'slut-shaming.'