Who is Sarah Jones? Colorado School Employee Accused of Having Sex with 16-Year-Old Student While Her Husband was Hospitalized

A Colorado high school employee has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a minor. According to court documents, Sarah Jones, 45, a Mitchell High School employee, engaged in sexual acts with the boy, a former student at the high school.

Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones Colorado Springs Police Department

Jones was arrested by the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD), on August 17 for a class four felony of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust.

Victim Moved in with Jones, Had Sex in Her Bedroom

Colorado Springs police said they started investigating Jones in June after receiving a heads up from an out-of-state police department looking into an abuse allegation, according to Fox 21. Investigators then reached out to the boy, who told them he met Jones at Mitchell High School when he was a sophomore, police said.

Officers said she worked at the school as a Library Technology Educator. Last fall, he told her he bounced from "house to house" because he did not have a home, he allegedly told investigators. He eventually moved in with her "before or after" Christmas, according to cops.

In Spring, Jones drunkenly kissed the boy on the neck, and although things did not immediately escalate, they would later engage in sexual intercourse in her bedroom for the first time.

The victim said he and Jones "had sex for the first time in Sarah's bedroom." This allegedly happened while Jones' two children were downstairs and her husband was in the hospital. The boy said, "since Sarah was having a bad day, Sarah had asked if he would help her."

'You Don't Want to Try New Things?'

The 16-year-old estimated having relations with Jones "approximately five times," with her asking for it about 10 to 20 times, according to cops.

Jones also allegedly gave him large amounts of money through an app, and that she gave him money if he asked. A search of his phone allegedly uncovered 4,777 "instant messages" between the teenager and adult, including "concerning messages" and nude images. Officers said they later discovered 174 messages on Jones' phone.

"You don't want to try new things?" Jones allegedly wrote him in one message, according to documents obtained by KKTV. "I do but I think it is starting to get [too] risky," the boy said, according to cops.

"I'm sorry," Jones allegedly wrote in another message, "I'm not strong enough to control my love."

"No," the boy allegedly wrote. "I want you as a mom. I mean the other stuff can happen but I want you as a mom."

"Babe, you have me as a mom," she allegedly wrote back.

According to court documents, Jones admitted to kissing the boy "the night she was drunk," but "denied any sexual relationship."

Jones Searched for 'Signs [You Are] Under Police Investigation'

Jones made several searches online, including whether or not she would know if "someone filed a police report against me," "signs [you are] under police investigation," and "if I delete my apple id can police access my icloud," according to cops in the Fox 21 report.

Jones Placed on Leave, District Superitendent Releases Statement

"We have learned of allegations of inappropriate behavior and criminal charges being brought against a Mitchell High School employee, Sarah Jones," District 11 Superintendent Michael Gaal said, according to KKTV. "Due to these allegations and an ongoing police investigation, Ms. Jones has been placed on administrative leave. District and Mitchell administrators are working with the Colorado Springs Police Department during this investigation.

"Our highest priority is the safety and welfare of all students. These alleged charges are egregious and violate state statutes and D11 Board of Education policies, and we will continue to work in collaboration with investigators to protect our students," Gaal added. Jones is currently being held at the El Paso County Jail.