Who Is Samantha Hudson? Doritos Fires Trans Activist as Brand Ambassador after Being Alerted to Sick Tweets About Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia

Hudson issued an apology for the resurfaced tweets, acknowledging that they were "pure provocation and in very bad taste."

Doritos has fired a transgender activist, who had appeared in one of the company's promotional videos after being alerted that she had posted some horrifying old tweets, one of which talked of doing "depraved things" to a 12-year-old. Samantha Hudson, 24, appeared in a new partnership with Doritos Spain in a 50-second video titled 'Crunch Talks.'

The video has since been removed from the brand's Instagram. Doritos told Rolling Stone on Tuesday that they would no longer be collaborating with Hudson, citing unawareness of her prior sickening posts as the reason for the decision. The decision follows massive backlash on social media, with users sharing screenshots of Hudson's past comments.

Out Just after Two Days

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson in the new partnership with Doritos Spain X

Hudson, whose real name is Iván González Ranedo, has called herself a "Marxist" and "anti-capitalist" in interviews. In one video, she declared her support for "the abolition of [and] to destroy and annihilate the traditional monogamous nuclear family."

She also tweeted as a teenager that she wanted to do "depraved things" to a minor.

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson X

Several social media users shared a screenshot of a tweet that Hudson posted in 2015 when she was 15 years old writing in Spanish describing what appeared to be a minor assault in 2015.

The post in question read: "I want to do thuggish things to get into a 12-year-old girl's [expletive]."

Another post when translated to English reads: "In the middle of the street in Mallorca in panties and screaming that I'm a nymphomaniac in front of a super beautiful 8-year-old girl."

In another post, Hudson wrote: "I hate women who are victims of sexual assault and go to self help centers to overcome their trauma. Annoying sl**s."

Samantha Hudson
The 2015 tweet made by Samantha Hudson resurfaced after her Doritos partnership X

Hudson issued an apology for the resurfaced tweets, acknowledging that they were "pure provocation and in very bad taste."

She said: "At that time I dedicated myself to saying nonsense, the heavier the better, because I thought that 'dark humor' was funny."

In the Line of Fire

Several people expressed their dissatisfaction with the brand partnership, drawing parallels to Bud Light's controversial partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The Budweiser brand reportedly suffered a $1.4 billion loss in sales due to a conservative boycott following that collaboration.

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson and Doritos were slammed for the new partnership X

"This is disgusting," said former Trump campaign member Jenna Ellis on X. "Give Doritos the Bud Light treatment."

Journalist Matt Agorist tweeted: "I didn't give a sh** about Bud Light. I thought it was a bad marketing decision given the current environment, but what Doritos just did is next level WTF!

"Hiring an admitted pedo to be the face of their product? Not that I ever ate them, but it's prolly best to #boycottdoritos."

Right-wing provocateur Ian Miles Cheong wrote: "Can we do to Doritos what we did to Bud Light? This person is a million times worse than Dylan Mulvaney."

Mulvaney meanwhile gained internet fame in 2022 with the launch of her popular TikTok series, "Days of Girlhood," chronicling her journey through gender transition.

She has earned millions through endorsements for cosmetics, fashion, and various products. Also, Mulvaney had notable appearances alongside President Joe Biden at the White House and alongside Hollywood celebrities.

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson X

Last April, Mulvaney shared a video promoting a Bud Light giveaway, saying that the company had sent her a tallboy can featuring her face to commemorate her gender transition.

This sparked criticism from conservatives who perceived the popular beer brand as embracing a 'woke' stance.

The backlash on social media and subsequent boycotts led to a significant decline in sales for parent company Anheuser-Busch, amounting to $400 million, representing a 13.5 percent decline.