Who Is Rina Oh? Jeffery Epstein Recruiter Claims Virginia Giuffre Performed Oral Sex on Her to Turn on the Convicted Pedophile

The court documents claim that Giuffre engaged in "sexual acts" with Epstein before reporting that she had been abused and sex-trafficked by him.

One of the women recruited by Jeffrey Epstein has filed new legal claims against Virginia Roberts Giuffre detailing how Giuffre performed oral sex on her to turn on the convicted pedophile. Rina Oh, 43, has claimed that Giuffre "performed oral sex" on her Epstein's Upper East Side apartment, according to Manhattan Supreme Court papers filed on Friday.

This comes just two months after Giuffre claimed a defamation suit filed against her by Oh, who was allegedly Epstein's girlfriend at that time, "a sham." Giuffre fired back at Oh last December with her own lawsuit. Oh had earlier also alleged Giuffre, 38, of sexually abusing her "at Epstein's direction."

Shocking Claims

Rina Oh
Rina Oh Twitter

In documents submitted to the Manhattan Supreme Court on Friday, Oh claims that a "giggling" Giuffre "performed oral sex" on her in the massage room of Epstein's Upper East Side apartment as the deranged millionaire watched and masturbated" in the early fall of 2001, according to a New York Post report.

Oh claimed in an interview with The Post that it was obvious that Epstein was not acting right.

Rina Oh
Rina Oh Twitter

She confirmed prior reports about Epstein's masculinity by describing his penis as "egg-shaped" and "deformed," and she thought that it was caused by excessive masturbation. "I was thinking I wanted it to stop," she said of Giuffre's alleged sexual assault on her.

"I wanted it to end as quickly as possible."

Oh leveled the accusations against Guiffre in the most recent court salvo between the two, who have been at odds since Oh sued Giuffre for $10 million for defaming her by referring to her as an Epstein recruiter in 2021.

Oh, describing Guiffre's alleged assault on her in 2001, said in court documents that she was "in shock" when she first saw Giuffre, whom she had previously met. They had been taken by a butler to the massage room when they initially arrived at the townhouse with a friend.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre
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Giuffre was 18 years old, Epstein was 48, and Oh was 22.

"All of a sudden, within moments of entering the room, we were naked," Oh said.

The court documents claim that Giuffre engaged in "sexual acts" with Epstein before reporting that she had been abused and sex-trafficked by him.

"Then she stopped doing it and went over to me," Oh told the outlet. "I was standing, and two women, my friend and Giuffre, were touching me at the same time."

Scarred Sexual Encounter

According to the court papers, Giuffre "grabbed [Oh's] ribcage, diaphragm, breasts and genitals without [her] consent,", before engaging in oral sex with her. Giuffre allegedly "became rougher and aggressive" with Oh during the sexual encounter "at the request of Jeffrey Epstein," according to the court documents.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

According to the petition, after Epstein finished masturbating, he instructed Oh "to get dressed and leave." Epstein died in prison in Manhattan in 2019.

"It was just another masturbation session for him, and I was used as the subject for his gratification," Oh told the outlet.

Oh, a Jersey City-based artist, previously referred to the hedge funder as her "older, rich boyfriend," but she has subsequently acknowledged that Epstein "and his gang," including Giuffre, were actually the ones who sexually assaulted her.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts Giuffre, along with Ghislaine Maxwell. Florida Southern District Court

Giuffre responded in a December lawsuit, claiming Oh's defamation case was retaliation and an effort to penalize Giuffre for tweets, including one that claimed Oh "procured & partook in the abuse of minors," that were protected free expression under the Constitution.

However, Oh claimed that Giuffre was bullying her. "She has been bullying me to silence me when I am a victim. I never touched her. She did things to my body without my consent," she said.

Giuffre, who is referred to as Epstein's "sex slave", said that Epstein sold her to Prince Andrew. In a lawsuit against the monarch, she alleged that she had three sexual encounters with the Duke of York. In February 2022, Andrew, who had lost both his military and royal titles in January 2022, reached a settlement with Giuffre for about $12 million.