Who is Rayshard Brooks? Black Man Shot Dead by Atlanta Police Wrestled with Cops,Stole Taser [VIDEO]

  • In a video, the Atlanta shooting victim who had failed sobriety test can be seen wrestling with cops for close to 30 seconds

  • The Atlanta PD officers had found Rayshard under DUI sleeping inside his car blocking traffic at a Wendy's drive-thru

  • A police officer was treated for injuries and released after the Atlanta shooting

Several video clips have emerged online that shows a 27-year-old African-American man wrestling with cops before he was shot on the back by the Atlanta PD officers near Wendy's on Friday night.

In the video footage that has seen gone viral under hashtag Atlanta shooting, the victim identified as Rayshard Brooks is seen involved in a rather violently wrestling with the officers for nearly 30 seconds before Rayshard suddenly stands up and starts running.

In a video, a police officer can be heard screaming that Rayshard had taken his taser. At the moment into the footage, another officer fires at the 27-year-old black male. And even as Rayshard runs away, cops chase him and with three seconds a gunshot is heard.

Rayshard Brooks shooting death
Rayshard Brooks shooting death

Rayshard was shot three times in the back and was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to the injuries during surgery.

start running away. Both cops started chasing him from behind ... and within seconds 3 shots were fired at Rayhsard, reported TMZ.

Here is an official statement by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation:

Watch Video Atlanta Shooting

Eyewitness video of shooting near Wendy's

Rayshard Brooks shooting has come at a time when there is already a widespread protest against police brutality. George Floyd death last month in custody in Minneapolis has seen worldwide protest against racism, evenin Atlanta.

According to CNN affiliate WSB, this is the 48th police shooting the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is probing in 2020.

Here is How Twitter has Reacted to Atlanta Shooting

A social media user tweeted:

Teri Kanefield posted on Twitter

The police shot an unarmed black man in the back. Apparently, the "arrest" sequence began because a black man was asleep in his car at a drive-in. So police respond to accusations that they murder black men by murdering more black men.

There are also those who felt that Rayshard Brooks was in the wrong and the police action was justified