Who is Rachel Glines? Trans Woman Cleared of Flashing Penis in Female Locker Room After Judge Rules She Has Too Much Body Fat to Expose Genitals

Rachel Glines
Rachel Glines. Twitter

A Xenia County judge in Ohio ruled that trans woman Rachel Glines did not commit indecent exposure in a female changing room after the defense argued that her body fat covered the genitalia area.

Xenia Municipal Court documents originally reported three charges of indecent exposure against Glines, who previously went by the name Darren, since 2021.

Glines Accused of Exposing Genitals to Young Girls in Locker Room

Witnesses claimed in these incidents that women, including young girls, saw a "naked man" in the female locker room with a visible penis in the locker room of a YMCA in Xenia, Ohio. The charges against Glines were then brought to court in February.

Judge David McNamee eventually cleared Glines of these charges, insisting that there was "little dispute as to the facts of the case" regarding Glines' permission to be in the locker room as well as the fact that Glines' heavy body set likely covered the penis.

'There is no question that [Glines] was in the women's locker room. However, [Glines] was not charged with trespass, nor was [Glines] charged with being in an area of the YMCA where [Glines] was not supposed to be," McNamee wrote. "Quiet simply, the facts do not exist to support a find of guilt, as charges. Glines' genitalia was not visible as a result of other portions of her body covering same."

This comment reflected questioning made by defense attorneys for Glines who similarly argued that it was "also fair to say that the whole genital area was covered by body fat." The attorneys also noted that the YMCA of Greater Dayton had previously given permission for Glines to enter the women's locker room in all YMCA facilities in the area.

YMCA Employee Told the Complainant Glines was a Woman and She 'Shouldn't Be Disturbed by This'

In a statement regarding the incident, the YMCA said, "Under no circumstance will we investigate an individual's birth identity and then assign individuals to locker rooms. That would be counter to the law, counter to respect for all people and it is not who or what we are as an organization."

One of the women who filed a complaint was allegedly informed by an employee at the YMCA that Glines identifies as a woman so she "shouldn't be disturbed by this."

Glines' attorneys also released a statement following the ruling saying, "It's unfortunate not only for her, but for the entire community, that the filing of these charges ever occurred. We are grateful that the rule of law and the truth prevailed so that Ms. Glines and the community can move on in peace."