Who is the Paris Train Station Knife Attacker? Six People Stabbed During Rush Hour; Police Arrest Man

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A knife attack during rush hour at a Paris train station on Wednesday has left at least people injured. The man wielding a knife started stabbing people at random at the busy Gare du Nord station in Paris, the police said.

The attacker, whose identity has not yet been revealed, was shot and injured by the police before being arrested. The Paris police have not yet assigned a motive for the attack.

paris train station knife attack
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The station where the attack took place is a hub for trains that go to London and northern Europe.

"An individual injured several people this morning at the Gare du Nord ... He was quickly neutralised. Thank you to the police for their effective and courageous response," Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin wrote on Twitter.

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Police patrol at the Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower after a policeman was killed and two others were wounded in a shooting incident in Paris, France, April 21, 2017 Reuters

Although the police did not reveal the number of the people wounded in the attack, French broadcaster BFM TV said at least six people were injured.

Eye Witness Account

According to The Mirror, a witness said the attack happened around the entrance of the station. "I was with my friends at the Gare du Nord this morning, heading off on holiday, and we were just going into the entrance when we heard someone shout ... People were lying on the ground, and others getting on trains as quickly as possible. Someone had a knife out and was attacking people. ... I looked after the first victim who had been wounded. I got the impression that the knifeman was just attacking anyone close to him," the witness said.

Spate of Terror Attacks

France has been on high terror alert since 2015, following a series of Islamist terror attacks in the country. The spate of Islamic terror attacks in recent years has killed more than 250 people in France. The biggest attacks include the Nice terror attack in which a Tunisian migrant killed more than 80 people by plowing a truck into the crowd at the seafront promenade. Another attack in the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo killed a dozen journalists over the publication of a controversial Mohammad cartoon.

The last major terror attack in France was in May 2022 when a security guard at the Paris embassy of Qatar was killed by a man screaming 'Allah Akbar'. He forcibly entered the Qatari embassy premises and beat the guard to death.

(More details awaited)