Who Is Paige Jordae? Anthony Edwards Responds after Instagram Model Shares Texts Alleging Minnesota Timberwolves Star Offered Her $100K for Abortion

Edwards, who secured a five-year, $260 million max contract extension with the Timberwolves in July, said he made those comments "in the heat of the moment."

Anthony Edwards, a standout player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, shared a statement on social media on Monday in response to allegations from a woman who claimed he impregnated her and allegedly offered her $100,000 to undergo an abortion.

Paige Jordae, who is said to be an Instagram model, shared alleged text messages on social media over the weekend that she claimed were exchanged between her and 22-year-old Edwards. In these messages, she alleged that Edwards wrote, "Get an abortion lol" and "I will send you money to help you out," as shown in screenshots circulating on social media. The alleged text messages exchanged between the two have since gone viral.

Clearing His Stance

Anthony Edwards Paige Jordae
Anthony Edwards and Paige Jordae X

Edwards, who secured a five-year, $260 million max contract extension with the Timberwolves in July, said he made those comments "in the heat of the moment." He expressed his intention to address the situation "privately" moving forward.

"I made comments in the heat of a moment that are not me, and that are not aligned with what I believe and who I want to be as a man," Edwards wrote in a statement posted to his X account on Monday.

Paige Jordae
Paige Jordae Instagram

"All women should be supported and empowered to make their own decisions about their bodies and what is best for them.

"I am handling my personal matters privately and will not be commenting on them any further at this time."

Edwards is reportedly in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel.

The screenshots, initially shared on Jordae's Instagram Story, featured an image of a pending wire transfer of $100,000 dated Nov. 27, 2023, with JP Morgan Chase & Co. at the bottom. However, the image did not reveal the sender and receiver.

Jordae also claimed that Edwards sent her other messages, including statements such as "I don't want a kid," "Just take the pills," and "Ok, just make sure I get the video of the box with the right pills."

In a Strange Situation

Other messages read, "You got da money wats the hol up" and "my attorney gone handle it." The posts were shared on Instagram Stories on one of Jordae's pages, "Dream Paige," boasting a following of 1.4 million.

Paige Jordae
Paige Jordae Instagram

Her other verified Instagram page under the name "Paige Jordae" has 416,000 followers, and both accounts are connected.

"I've never once ran to the internet about NO ONE," Jordae wrote in a separate post on her Instagram Story. "I tried over and over to handle this privately and my efforts were ignored.

Paige Jordae
Paige Jordae Instagram

"I've been lied to and manipulated by someone who knows exactly what they're doing and takes no accountability for anything.

"Y'all always want someone to blame and I guess it's going to be me."

As of now, the Timberwolves have not made a public statement addressing the situation.

Paige Jordae
Paige Jordae Instagram

On the court, Edwards has been performing well, averaging 24.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists for Minnesota. The Timberwolves, with a current record of 19-5, are scheduled to face the Miami Heat (15-11) in Miami on Monday.