Who is Oxxxymiron? Russian Rapper to Hold Multiple Anti-war Charity Concerts for Supporting Ukraine

Russian rapper Oxxxymiron plans to hold several anti-war concerts to help and support the Ukrainian refugees. The shows, titled Russians Against War, RAW for short, will take place in various parts of the world, including Istanbul, Turkey. Through these concerts, the prominent singer plans to denounce his country's invasion of Ukraine.

The rapper, whose real name is Miron Yanovich Fyodorov, shared the details of his upcoming shows on social media. He uploaded a video on his Instagram page announcing the concert and explaining the reason for holding it. The singer greeted his two million followers in the clip. He also expressed his disagreement over the war, which has been going on for over two weeks.

Oxxxymiron further said he wants to let the world know that tens of millions of Russians disagree with the country's invasion of Ukraine. The singer wants to let the people's voices be heard loudly through these upcoming shows. The charity concerts will begin from Istanbul in Turkey on March 15, he shared.

The shows can be streamed live on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. The rapper asked his followers to contribute to the donations through Twitch and YouTube for helping the Ukrainian refugees.

Russian rapper Oxxxymiron Creative Commons/Lado Kvataniya

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Who is Oxxxymiron?

The Russian rapper is one of the most prominent and influential hip-hop artists in the country. He is the co-founder and former member of the record label Vagabund. He is also the former executive director of the booking agency, Booking Machine. The singer captured the attention of several music lovers across the globe after he canceled his scheduled concerts in Russia in protest over the war.

Born on January 31, 1985, to a Russian Jews family, the rapper began his journey with the music industry by writing lyrics and rap at 13. He wrote lines and rap in both Russian and German under MC Mif. The rapper started releasing works under the name Oxxxymiron a decade later. iAlbums, like The Eternal Jew and Gorgorod, are some of his known works.