Who is Mia J? TikToker Accuses Skai Jackson of Bullying 15-Yr-Old in Fake Video and Demands $3,000

A TikTok star called Mia J has accused Skai Jackson of bullying Jordyn Woods' 15-year-old sister Jodie. She has got into trouble for posting a video that claims actress Skai Jackson bullied and gaslighted model Jordyn Woods' younger sister Jodie. However, Mia J's claim is false and it has been confirmed by some screenshots of a conversation between the Tiktok star and Skai.

According to reports, Mia J and Skai's conversations have been leaked, showing the TikToker admitting that her video regarding Skai bullying Jordyn Wood's sister was false. The messages also revealed that Mia demanded $3,000 from Skai in lieu of taking down the fake video, although Skai refused because she didn't want to pay for the fake video and added that a minor was involved. Mia in a reply told Skai, "I didn't know that it would even go viral but that's how I make my money."

Moreover, Mia J was exposed by another TikTok user with the account 'theneighborhoodtalk.' This TikTok user unveiled the real story behind Mia J's claim accusing her of falsehood and extortion. Later, Mia J shared a video about the entire episode with a clarification following the social media controversy. "Jodie woods and I have never had an issue we spoke and are confused about this fake drama and it's very sickening please leave us alone!" wrote Skai on her Instagram story through her official handle, which has a whopping 7.3 million followers.

Skai Jackson
Skai Jackson poses for her Instagram Instagram

Who is Mia J or Mia Jay?

Mia J is a popular TikTok user. She is a 19-year-old self-proclaimed rapper and a make-up artist as well. According to her Instagram account, the TikTok user has over 11,800 followers. Mia J or Mia Jay is known for her music video posts and other trends on the video-sharing platform. Mia posted the fake video on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, after which the trouble started brewing.

She captioned the controversial video, 'Surviving Skai Jackson' where she expressed that the actress equaled her life to that of in 'hell' and further added that Skai was bullying and gaslighting Jodie Woods. She also shared morphed pictures of Jodie Woods in her posts.

"The messages I provided are real. The story I told is real. Skai is messy asf and anyone that is associated with this little girl is as well," Mia J captioned another video which she shared on Instagram just hours ago.

Who is Jodie Woods?

Jodie Woods is the sister of Jordyn Woods and an entrepreneur. She is a 15-year-old who has one million followers on Instagram as on April 1, 2021.