Who is Megan Carlisle? Pennsylvania School Employee Arrested for Engaging in Sexual Activity with Student, Sending Nudes to Him and His Friends

Megan Carlisle
Megan Carlisle (left) and Elizabethtown Middle School. Facebook

A former Elizabethtown School District employee has been arrested for having sexual activity with a 15-year-old and sending nude photos to him and his 16-year-old friend.

According to Northwest Regional Police Department, the incident was reported on May 3, stating that an Elizabethtown School employee was sending "sexually explicit photos and videos" to multiple students.

The report also detailed a sexual encounter that the staff member had with a 15-year-old boy who she taught. The paraprofessional was later identified as 37-year-old Megan Carlisle.

Carlisle Caressed Victim's Genitals During School Periods

Carlisle, who worked at Elizabethtown Middle School as paraprofessional as the "ISS" classroom monitor, sent nude photos and videos of her performing sex acts on herself, which investigators found on the phones of several students.

A 15-year-old victim was later interviewed by police who told them that Carlisle "touched and caressed his genitals" during numerous school periods while he was in the "ISS" classroom on Apr. 28 of 2023.

Police say Carlisle then contacted the boy through Snapchat after school and discussed sexual contact many times. Carlisle then was reported to have sent nude photos and videos of herself to the boy and his 16-year-old friend.

Carlisle Had Sex with Student in Empty Parking Lot, Sent Him Money and Bought Him Vape Pods

That same night, Carlisle picked up the 15-year-old on the 400 block of Rockwood Dr. and parked in an empty parking lot. During this time, officers say Carlisle had sexual contact with the child.

An affidavit of probable cause alleges that after Carlisle left the parking lot, the victim texted her and asked for money to get food. The paraprofessional allegedly sent him $20 via Cash App.

The victim also told police that the next day, he was again texting Carlisle and told her he needed vape pods. Carlisle allegedly purchased four vape pods and gave them to the victim in the same area they had met the night before, then left.

Police say there is no telling how many students have seen Carlisle's nude photos and videos, as they were sent and shared to an unknown amount of students at the school.

Carlisle No Longer Employed at Elizabethtown Middle School

According to a press release sent out this morning by the Elizabethtown Area School District, Carlisle is no longer employed at the school:

The Elizabethtown Area School District is aware of the charges filed against Megan Carlisle, former paraprofessional at the high school, for alleged sexual misconduct. While we do not generally make it our practice to comment on personnel or legal matters, we believe this situation necessitates a statement. As such, we are sharing the following information: Ms. Carlisle is no longer employed by the school district. The District fully cooperated with local law enforcement on their investigation. We will have no further comments on this matter as it will be adjudicated in the courts.

Carlisle was arrested on Thursday and is being charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, statutory sexual assault, institutional sexual assault, and dissemination of sexual materials to minors.