Who is Maya Wiley? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Backs 57-Yr-Old Lawyer as New York Mayor

As Maya Wiley, 57, gets endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the chances of the city electing a woman for the first time as the mayor have turned bright. If elected, Wiley will only be the second Black leader to become the New York mayor. Democrat Wiley's campaign reflects growing progressive momentum.

"It is so important that we come together as a movement and rank Maya #1, because if we don't come together as a movement, we will get a New York City built by and for billionaires," Ocasio-Cortez said during an event in City Hall Park and added, "Maya Wiley is the one. She will be a progressive in Gracie Mansion."

With AOC's support, Wiley now has the support of the state's two highest-profile members of Congress, the other being Hakeem Jeffries, who is the chair of the Hose Democratic Caucus. Amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the violence in America, Wiley has several advantages in winning the election this year.

Maya Wiley
Maya Wiley Web Screen Grab

On Saturday, Wiley praised Ocasio-Cortez for backing her in the upcoming election. "Having the support of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez means the world to me," the candidate for New York mayor said. "AOC is a fearless champion for our city in Congress. She has fought for working people, taken-on corporate greed, revolutionized the discussion on the urgent need to address climate change, and is an advocate for a more equitable economy. Nobody says and means change like her," Wiley further said, according to reports.

When Did Maya Wiley Announce She's Running For New York City Mayor?

In October 2020, Wiley announced that she was going to contest for New York City Mayor post in the upcoming 2021 election.

Maya Wiley's Husband, Children, and Early Life

Maya Wiley was born Maya D Wiley on January 2, 1964. She is a professional American lawyer, professor, and civil rights activist running for the mayoral position in New York City. She got inspired to focus on progressive issues by her mother Wretha Frances Whittle. Wiley's father was also a civil rights leader and American chemist George Wiley. Maya Wiley is married to Harlan Mandel, the CEO of the Media Development Investment Fund. Wiley has two children.

Father's Tragic Death

Wiley's father George Wiley had a tragic death after he fell overboard while sailing with Wiley and her s older brother on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. While the incident took place on August 8, 1973, his body was found floating off the shore of Chesapeake Beach three days later.