Who Is Marisa Simonetti? Aspiring GOP Claims She Has Made Lots of Money as an Escort as She Is Accused of Throwing Live Tarantula at Tenant

In an interview with Fox 9, Simonetti said that she rented her basement to local attorney Jackie Vasquez, who needed a place to study for the California bar exam.

A Minnesota Republican candidate, who is accused of throwing a tarantula at her roommate, has declined to deny allegations that she works as an escort. Marisa Simonetti, a 30-year-old candidate for the Hennepin County Board, was arrested earlier this month after allegedly throwing a tarantula and other objects at a woman renting a room in her home.

Simonetti has also been accused of working as an escort, a claim she did not deny when questioned by the Star Tribune. In a statement, Simonetti said, "I have done nothing wrong or shameful. When you are a woman with an infant and no money, living with domestic violence, you can't 'just leave.'"

No Regrets

Marisa Simonetti
Marisa Simonetti X

"I made a plan to protect my son and I executed, and now hold considerable wealth. I refuse to accept any narrative that shames or blames women for the autonomy they exercise over their own bodies."

Simonetti told the Star Tribune, "It certainly beats endlessly swiping on Tinder and having my time wasted by guys looking for a free fun time."

She did admit to having an OnlyFans account. Local Republicans have distanced themselves from her, stating she "does not reflect our values" and has "only served to embarrass the Republican Party."

Simonetti, 30, who is campaigning on "Rebuilding Safety through Family Values" for this year's election, faces fifth-degree assault and domestic assault charges following the incident with her roommate.

Additionally, reports indicate that the congressional hopeful was charged with felony financial card fraud against her former lover last year.

In an interview with Fox 9, Simonetti said that she rented her basement to local attorney Jackie Vasquez, who needed a place to study for the California bar exam. However, the arrangement fell apart in less than three weeks.

Vasquez recorded Simonetti playing Christian music loudly and banging pots and pans before throwing a tarantula down the stairs.

Illegal Move, Pain for Tenant

Marisa Simonetti
Marisa Simonetti Instagram

It is unclear how Simonetti rented the room since she does not own the property. Simonetti told Fox that she asked Vasquez to leave due to numerous complaints, but Vasquez refused.

The politician accused Vasquez of "squatting" at the property, while Vasquez maintained she had paid $1,500 to stay there through Airbnb.

Simonetti also said that she was inspired by the movie Home Alone. "And at the end of the day, unhinged got her out of the house," Simonetti said.

The aspiring lawmaker's campaign page portrays her as the sole conservative candidate in the race, aiming to rebuild safety through family values.

To promote her campaign and gain support, Simonetti once posted a video on X, saying that having "low standards is selfish" and expressing her frustration with hearing that "Minnesota is an embarrassment."

Despite using traditional GOP election strategies, she lost the May 14 special election for the vacant District 6 seat on the county board to State Representative Heather Edelson.

Simonetti was running to become one of the seven Hennepin County Board commissioners, who are responsible for approving budgets for both the county attorney and sheriff offices.

Despite this loss, Simonetti has indicated her plan to contest against Edelson again in the upcoming November election.

Previously, the conservative candidate was accused of making transactions on the victim's financial cards and accounts, totaling $75,000 and $8,876.

The felony charges were eventually dropped after the victim declined to cooperate with prosecutors.