Who is Maisa Abdel Hadi? Arab-Israeli Actress Arrested For Supporting Hamas on Social Media

She is known for her role in Hollywood blockbuster "World War Z"

Since the tragic day of 7th October, when Hamas attacked Israel, resulting in the loss of over 1,400 Israelis lives, social media platforms have become arenas for conflicts and controversies. Many well-known figures and celebrities have found themselves in challenging situations after expressing views that could offend one side or the other.

The latest addition to this trend is Arab-Israeli actress Maisa Abdel Hadi, who has been arrested for expressing support for Hamas on social media.

Maisa Abdel hedi

Who is Maisa Abdel Hadi?

Maisa Abdel Hadi is a prominent Arab Israeli Actress who lives in the northern Israeli city of Nazareth. The 37-year-old star is known for her appearances in various Israeli television shows, as well as her role in the Hollywood blockbuster "World War Z" and the British TV series "Baghdad Central." Her career has spanned different roles in the entertainment industry. Hadi has recently been arrested for supporting terrorism and has been kept in custody till 26th October. She is one of a growing number of Arab Israelis to be detained over social media posts discussing the devastating war.

Why She Has Been Arrested?

Maisa Abdel Hadi's arrest stems from her alleged support for Hamas' attack on Israel, which she is said to have expressed through a social media post. This arrest is one of several cases involving Arab Israelis who have faced legal action due to their comments on social media platforms in relation to the ongoing conflict.

Hadi posted a picture of a bulldozer breaching the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel during the October 7 attack. "Let's go Berlin-style," she wrote in a caption in reference to the fall of the Berlin Wall that partitioned Germany until 1989. As per the Times of Israel, the actress also shared images of 85-year-old woman Yaffa Adar who was taken hostage by Hamas with laughing emojis.

Police and Lawyer Reaction

The police have confirmed the arrest of an unnamed actress and social media influencer residing in Nazareth, citing suspicions of "expressions of praise [for terror] and hate speech." The authorities are actively engaged in efforts to combat incitement and support for terrorism.

Maisa Abdel Hadi's attorney, Jaafar Farah, who also serves as the Director of the Human Rights Association Mousawa, has defended her by asserting that she is accused of supporting terrorism.

Similar Cases

Similar to Maisa Abdel Hadi's situation, another case involving Dalal Abu Amneh, a singer and influencer from Nazareth, has garnered attention. Dalal Abu Amneh was held in police custody, accused of "disruptive behavior" due to her social media posts, which authorities perceived as potentially inciting violence.

This incident is part of a broader pattern of legal actions against individuals within the Arab Israeli community, sparking discussions about freedom of expression during times of conflict.