Who is Madison Schemitz ? Teen Softball Player Walks at Graduation After Surviving 15 Stabbings by Ex-Boyfriend

Her former boyfriend Spencer Pearson attacked her when Schemitz and her mother were leaving a local restaurant.

Madison Schemitz, an 18-year-old high school softball star, has made an extraordinary recovery by walking at her high school graduation just a year after a brutal stabbing left her paralyzed from the chest down.

In June 2023, Schemitz was viciously attacked outside a restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach by her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Pearson. Pearson allegedly stabbed Schemitz over a dozen times in a frenzied assault before attempting to take his own life. The attack left Schemitz with severe spinal injuries, resulting in paralysis.

Madison Schemitz

Schemitz's mother, Jacki Roge, had reported Pearson to the police for stalking just days before the attack. According to Roge, Pearson had been following Schemitz, leaving notes on her car, and harassing her on social media. Despite their breakup several months earlier, Pearson's behavior had become increasingly alarming.

The violent incident occurred as Schemitz and her mother were leaving a local restaurant. Pearson allegedly ambushed them, stabbing Schemitz repeatedly. Roge and a good Samaritan, Kennedy Armstrong, who tried to intervene, were also injured during the assault. Pearson then attempted to take his own life by slashing his throat but survived.

In the aftermath, Pearson was hospitalized for several weeks due to his self-inflicted injuries. He was later taken into custody and is currently being held at a St. John's County jail. His mugshot, taken after his recovery, showed him with a large stitched wound on his neck. Court documents revealed that Pearson had previously attempted suicide and that his parents had sought mental health assistance for him.

Pearson faces multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated battery, and has pleaded not guilty. He remains in custody, with his next court hearing scheduled for June 11.

Despite the trauma and challenging recovery process, Schemitz has shown remarkable resilience. She achieved a significant milestone on May 17, when she walked unaided across the stage at her Ponte Vedra High School graduation. Her courageous walk was met with a standing ovation and applause from her classmates, symbolizing her incredible journey of recovery and strength.

Madison Schemitz's story is a powerful testament to her determination and the support of her community. Her ability to overcome such a devastating injury and reclaim her mobility is an inspiration to many.