Who is Lulu Gribbin? Horrific Shark Attack on Florida Teen and Her Friend Leaves Her Severely Injured

Heroic girl who said "I made it", still has long road to recovery after leg amputation

Lulu Gribbin, a young girl from Walton County, Florida, endured a harrowing shark attack that left her with severe injuries. Her mother, Ann Blair Gribbin, compared the scene to something out of a movie, describing the beach packed with onlookers and a palpable sense of panic.

The Gribbin family had heard rumors of a shark in the water, but when Lulu failed to answer her phone, Ann rushed to the beach. She found her daughter with severe leg injuries, lying lifeless on the sand, eyes closed, and mouth pale. Lulu was immediately rushed to the hospital, where doctors had to amputate her right leg and informed the family she had lost about two-thirds of her blood.

Lulu Gribbin

Despite the traumatic ordeal, Lulu displayed incredible strength. Her first words to her family from her hospital bed were, "I made it." Ann described Lulu as strong, beautiful, and brave, emphasizing that the journey to recovery is just beginning, with multiple surgeries ahead.

A man and a younger child helped Lulu to the shoreline, while doctors on the beach applied a tourniquet to her injuries. Ann expressed gratitude to the medical professionals who saved her daughter's life.

The attack on Lulu was part of a spate of shark incidents that day. Lulu's friend, McCray, also suffered a bite on her foot, and earlier, a 45-year-old woman lost part of her left arm in another attack. Authorities suspect the same shark was responsible for all three incidents. This series of attacks marks the first in Walton County in three years, with the last fatality occurring in 2005.

Officials urge swimmers and beachgoers to remain cautious and aware of their surroundings, as sharks are always present in the Gulf.

Lulu Fribbin

The Gribbin family remains hopeful and resilient, facing the long road to recovery with courage and gratitude for the support they've received.