Who is Levi David Briggs? Racist White Man Who Harassed Black Spa Owner Identified as Locksmith From Dallas, Posed as Cop

A white man posing as a cop was caught blaming a black spa owner of taking jobs from white people in Dallas, Texas. The man also blamed the black woman for ruining his entire legacy of being a Christian.

Multiple social media users have identified the man as Levi David Briggs, a locksmith based in Dallas, Texas.

white man
The man identified as Levi David Briggs by social media users. Twitter

Racist Man's Appointment Was Cancelled by the Spa

The spa owner, who refused to divulge her identity fearing safety issues, posted a series of videos on TikTok. In the first video, the white man, dressed in ripped jeans, red T shirt and donning a cap with USA written on it, is seen sitting on a chair kept in a corner, inside the spa. The two were having a heated debate on Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Please leave my establishment now," the owner is heard telling him.

The man then asks the woman to call the police. "You're judging people and things like that," the owner says as the man laughs. "Is that funny to you?"

"Yeah, it is. It's pretty humorous," he replies. He then goes on to tell the spa owner that he has nothing better to do than to waste her time.

"Your race and class destroyed my family and my life," he says. "You're playing energy chess with a person that has nothing to do with your class."

Speaking to the Daily Beast, the spa owner said that the man had an appointment at her spa. After arriving half an hour early, he started checking out the windows inside the business, sneaking in and out of rooms that were for employees only, and using the restroom with the door wide open, the outlet reported.

It was only when the other clients reported getting uncomfortable that the owner decided to cancel his appointment. "I do [his] refund, and after that that's when he still wasn't wanting to leave," she said. "He was also making himself [out] as a police officer."

Police Didn't Arrive Despite Emergency Call

In a post made on social media, the spa owner claimed that despite the emergency call, the cops failed to arrive on the spot. Claiming that the police precinct was located nearby, the woman told the outlet that the cops failed to arrive despite the alert being sent to them. "Because I'm a person of colour, the system isn't for me," the owner said. "It's for others."

The video was subsequently posted on Reddit and Twitter. Several social media users identified the man as Briggs who had a run in with the cops in the past. "His name is Levi David Briggs and if you research him, he's had multiple run ins with the law in Indiana, Colorado, and now Texas. Be on HIGH ALERT of this scum," tweeted a user.

The incident sparked a lot of anger on social media. "This white man racially harassed a Black woman at her spa in Dallas, she called the police which isn't far from her spa, THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. Then the Black woman said they didn't show because she's a 'person of color' when will we learn! Stop being scared to say Black," tweeted a user.

"That loser and the Dallas police are a bunch of f***ng racists. There is no place in our country for racist cops and all of the problems they create with treating races differently. They never showed up at the Spa because they don't give a shit. What if Mr. USA had a gun?" read another tweet.