Who is Lesley Wolf? Former Federal Prosecutor Accused of Obstructing Hunter Biden Investigation is Democratic Campaign Donor

Lesley Wolf, the assistant U.S. Attorney, has left the Justice Department after she was accused of obstructing the probe into Hunter Biden. On Thursday, The former U.S. attorney appeared in a closed-door deposition with congressional investigators after she was accused of slow-walking parts of the investigation.

Lesley Wolf
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Wolf Claims to be Bound By Justice Department's Policies

NBC reported that Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, the two whistleblowers from IRS investigating Hunter Biden, testified before Congress to voice their apprehensions regarding the inquiry. According to their statements, they accused Wolf of obstructing their ability to delve into questions connected to U.S. President Joe Biden.

The whistleblowers asserted that Wolf cautioned them about possible repercussions if they pursued interviews with Biden's grandchildren. Furthermore, they claimed that Wolf, along with another attorney from the Department of Justice (DOJ), shared details about a surveilled storage unit with Hunter Biden's defense counsel, among other disclosures.

In the initial statements given during the deposition on Thursday, Wolf, in defense of her actions, claimed that she was bound by legal obligations that prevented her from directly addressing the specific allegations raised by the whistleblowers. She cited the constraints imposed by Justice Department policies as the reason for her inability to delve into the detailed accusations, reported the outlet.

"At all times while serving as an AUSA, I acted consistently with the Justice Manual, DOJ policy directives, and my statutory/legal and ethical obligations," Wolf said. "I followed the facts where they led, and made decisions in the best interests of the investigation. This includes, but is by no means limited to, policies and rules governing politically sensitive investigations, election year sensitivities, attorney search warrants, search warrant filter requirements, and professional conduct rules barring contact with represented parties."

Wolf, Husband Are Democratic Campaign Donor

Wolf, who left the DOJ few weeks ago claimed that she was being threatened and harassed. "My desire to serve my community and my country, such a great source of pride, has recently come at significant cost. As a private person, the once routine and mundane details of my life have become the subject of public interest in an invasive and disturbing manner," she said. "Far worse, I have been threatened and harassed, causing me to fear for my own and my family's safety."

Meanwhile, it was also reported that as per the campaign finance records, Wolf and her spouse, Daniel Wolf, are contributors to Democratic political campaigns. Heavy reported that documents from the Federal Election Commission indicate that her husband has made 14 donations to Barack Obama's campaign. Additionally, Lesley Wolf has made a donation to ActBlue, a Democratic fundraising platform, with her contribution specifically allocated to support Democrat Amy Klobuchar's presidential primary campaign.