Who is Kiarra Jones? Colorado Paraprofessional Arrested for Assaulting Young Autistic Students, Video of Assault Surfaces

Her job involved assisting kids with severe autism during their journeys to the Joshua School

Kiarra Jones, a 28-year-old paraprofessional employed by Littleton Public Schools, is in hot water after being detained for allegedly assaulting a student with disabilities. The charges against her are serious, including third-degree assault and injury to an at-risk juvenile. Her job involved assisting kids with severe autism during their journeys to the Joshua School.

Kiarra Jones
Colorado paraprofessional Kiarra Jones arrested for assaulting autistic children X

Disturbing video footage from March 18 has surfaced, showing Jones engaging in violent altercations with a 10-year-old male student with severe autism. The footage is alarming, depicting Jones hitting, punching, and stomping on the helpless student. Understandably, three families whose children were under Jones's care have sought legal assistance, expressing grave concerns about their child's safety.

The families' attorneys have raised further concerns, stating that their clients' children began exhibiting noticeable changes in behavior since September 2023. Moreover, they have observed physical injuries on their children, including bruises, missing teeth, broken toes, black eyes, and other unexplained marks. The arrest affidavit for Jones contains damning evidence, including surveillance footage from the bus, showing her assaulting the student with a clenched fist, elbowing him in the abdomen, and stomping on his foot.

Injured autistic child

The situation escalated when the Littleton Police Department reported the matter to the Englewood Police Department on March 28. Subsequently, Jones was taken into custody on April 4. The Englewood Police Department is leaving no stone unturned, carefully scrutinizing camera footage to identify any additional victims or related offenses.

In a recent development, a video surfaced on Tuesday, shedding light on another incident of assault involving Jones and a student named Dax, who is non-verbal and communicates through expressions and movements. Dax's parents have bravely chosen to release the unedited footage to underscore the severity of the situation.

Reports suggest that at least three autistic students from the Joshua School have allegedly suffered severe physical abuse at the hands of Jones. Jones is expected to appear in Arapahoe County Court for a preliminary hearing on May 3 at 1:30 p.m., where she will face the consequences of her alleged actions.

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