Who is Katie Couric? 'Jeopardy!' Debutante Intensely Studied Late Alex Trebek's TV Game Show

Katie Couric has made Television history by becoming the first female host of Jeopardy. The show that was earlier hosted by Alex Trebek is now taken over by Couric, who revealed that she had intensely studied the late Jeopardy host to excel in the role. The Jeopardy newcomer also said that it wasn't a barrier to accept the offer as the show host of such an American institution. She also said that she didn't want to let go of the opportunity of playing even a small part in the famous show.

Couric, 64, revealed that she studied Trebek and the way he transitioned from category to category and how the late veteran host interacted with the contestants of the show in preparation for her debut on the popular American TV game show, Jeopardy. Couric opened up about her feelings about hosting the game show. She said that she was quite nervous about her stint.

Talking about how she had prepared herself for the show, Couric in an interview recently said that she started watching the game show religiously and spent an ample amount of time following Alex Trebek's way of hosting "Jeopardy!" In an interview released by Jeopardy! Couric says: "I would make me so mad," and went on to add, "At the same time, I thought it was so hot."

Katie Couric
Katie Couric to host Jeopardy! Web Screen Grab

Katie Couric also highlighted that the show has been a regular part of her life for a long time, but the way she watched the TV quiz show changed after she accepted the offer to be a guest host. She said that she loved the show, and Alex Trebek, who inspired her so much.

Who is Katie Couric?

Katie Couric, also known as Katherine Anne Couric, is an American television and online journalist and author. She is also a podcaster and the co-founder of the eponymous Katie Couric Media, a multimedia news and production company. Meanwhile, fans are also excited about Katie hosting the famous TV show. One of her Twitter fans wrote, "Nothing delights me more than @katiecouric hosting @Jeopardy." Katie Couric was married to John Molner (2014) and Jay Monahan (1989–1998).

Katie Couric To Host "Jeopardy!"

The veteran TV anchor will be hosting the popular American CBS game show "Jeopardy!" from March 8 till March 19 as one of a series of guest hosts following the death of legendary longtime host Alex Trebek, who died from cancer.

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