Who is Karen Read? Finance Professor is Accused of Killing Police Officer Boyfriend while Local Bloggers and Community Push for her Acquittal

Read Supporters have pointed fingers on law enforcement agencies for framing her in false case

A controversial murder trial commences in Norfolk, Massachusetts, Superior Court, despite an ongoing FBI investigation into local authorities' handling of the case. The trial involves the mysterious death of Boston police officer John O'Keefe, with 44-year-old financial analyst and college professor Karen Read facing second-degree murder charges.

Karen Read

Who is Karen Read:

Karen Read, a financial analyst and college professor, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O'Keefe. Prosecutors allege that during a drunken argument, Read intentionally backed her SUV into O'Keefe, leaving him to die in the snow. Read has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, manslaughter while operating under the influence, and leaving the scene. She claims innocence, alleging she's being framed by individuals associated with the suburban party house where O'Keefe was found dead.

Local Impact and Support:

The case has deeply divided the community, with supporters rallying around Read, including a local blogger and his followers, veteran lawyers, and retired detectives. The federal investigation into a possible police cover-up adds complexity to the case.

Sequence of Events:

On the night of O'Keefe's death, he and Read had been drinking at a local bar before heading to a friend's house party. Read later dropped O'Keefe off at the party but became concerned when he didn't return home. She, along with others, discovered O'Keefe's body outside the party house.

Challenging the Prosecution's Claims:

Supporters of Read argue that the evidence implicating her is flawed. They dispute the prosecution's narrative, pointing to inconsistencies and suggesting that someone at the party house may have been involved in O'Keefe's death.

McDonough, a strong supporter of Read, showed The Post a video from O'Keefe's home. It proved that Read's car's taillight was fine at 5:08 a.m. He investigated further and found no proof of a broken taillight, suspecting it was placed there later.

Claims of Police Involvement:

There are allegations of police involvement in framing Read for the murder, with suspicions raised about the conduct of the investigating officers and their ties to influential local families. McDonough and the defense team believe no evidence linking Read to the crime scene was found until after the police took her SUV.

Expert Opinions and Evidence:

Various experts and investigators have scrutinized the evidence, highlighting discrepancies in the prosecution's case. Witnesses have provided conflicting testimonies, and forensic evidence has been questioned.

Federal Investigation and Trial Ahead:

While the FBI conducts its own inquiry, the trial proceeds with Read maintaining her innocence. The legal proceedings are marked by intense public interest and ongoing debates about the integrity of the investigation.

As the trial unfolds, the community awaits a resolution to the contentious case, with implications reaching beyond the courtroom. The outcome will not only determine Read's fate but also shape perceptions of justice and law enforcement in the region. Meanwhile #FreeKarenRead was trending on social media.