Who is Justin Sigmon? Video Shows Former Captain Molesting His 9-Year Old Daughter on Cruise Ship, Hiding His Crotch

Justin Sigmon, a former employee with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, was caught on camera allegedly sexually abusing his 9-year-old daughter on a cruise ship during the family's holiday. Sigmon has been arrested and charged by the US District Court with abusive sexual contact of a minor under 12.

Justin Sigmon
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Act Caught on Camera

Sigmon, along with his family, boarded a Carnival Sunrise cruise ship from the Port of Miami, Florida for the four day tour from May 25. The Business Insider reported that according to the criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of Florida, Sigmon was caught in the act by a passenger. As per the complaint, the passenger recorded Sigmon rubbing his minor daughter's thigh and moving his hands towards her "private area" while she was sitting in his lap.

According to the investigators, the recordings, which was also caught on the ship's CCTV, show the father of two rubbing his daughter's upper and inner thighs "underneath the skirt of her dress towards her vaginal and buttocks area." It was also reported that despite the minor pushing Sigmon's hand away multiple times, he continued to touch his daughter.

The outlet further reported that according to the complaint, after the victim immediately got off his lap, Sigmon "placed both of his hands over his crotch area for an extended period of time, concealing the area from public view.

Sigmon, who was a Captain in the Sheriff's office before he submitted his resignation on June 2, told the law enforcement that "he understood that the touching could be perceived as "inappropriate," but claimed it was not intended to be "sexual," the complaint stated.

Social Media Reacts

The incident left many social media users aghast who wanted stringent action against Sigmon. "On Friday, June 2nd, 2023, we made the announcement to the staff of the Office of the Sheriff that Justin Sigmon had resigned his position. Our prayers are with the Sigmon Family." Prayers for the rapist?" wrote a user.

"Justin Sigmon (Franklin County Sheriff's Office employee) molested his 9yr old niece on a cruise ship during a family trip. It was filmed by a passenger & by ship's cameras. Upon returning to FL he was arrested by the FBI & held without bail. Don't worry, he's a /good Christian," read another tweet.

"He was FINALLY caught. He raped a child where he couldn't cover it up back in hillbilly Virginia. Who knows how many he's harmed. Another conservative Christian Republican, no doubt," opined a user.