Who is Joslia Williams? Chicago Teen Posts on Snapchat Videos of Man Raping 15-Year-Old Friend

A female acquaintance of a teenage girl with intellectual disabilities posted Snapchat videos of a man raping the drugged and unconscious teen in a car. The girl, 15, was later found dead in an Oak Park alley near Chicago on August 7, 2021.

The victim, Melissa Rendon, who had intellectual impairments, spent the night with her friend-cum-suspect Joslia Williams, 18, and the man Sergio Hernandez, 40, inside his car. The Snapchat video recorded by the victim's friend shows Hernandez raping Rendon in the driver's seat of his car.

Moreover, reports suggest that there was a fourth person with the victim, Williams and Hernandez on the night of August 6. However, Williams reportedly filmed the videos and posted them to Snapchat only after dropping off the fourth unidentified witness at their home at around 11:30 PM.

According to court documents, Williams, Rendon and Hernandez were allegedly smoking marijuana and drinking with Hernandez in his car. The teenagers also consumed pills believed to be Xanax from a blood pressure medication bottle of Hernandez.

Who is Joslia Williams
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According to police, Williams and Hernandez fell asleep in the car for hours, but after they awoke the following morning, the two realized that Rendon was not breathing.

Reportedly, Williams and Hernandez tried to revive the victim before dressing her up but were unsuccessful. They dragged her out of the car and dumped her corpse near in block 200 of North Taylor Avenue in Oak Park before fleeing from the scene. Rendon's corpse was later found by a neighbor, who called 911 around 8:30 AM.

Williams, who was an acquaintance of Rendon, has been arrested, along with Hernandez, who has been accused of rape, following the grim discovery of the teenager's corpse. Both Williams and Hernandez have been charged with child pornography and concealment of death after they dumped the teenager's lifeless body on the street.

Moreover, Rendon's mother was sent a video recording of Williams and Hernandez placing Rendon's unconscious body into the back seat of the car.

Who is Joslia Williams?

Hours before the victim's corpse was found in an alley near Chicago, Williams had shared pornographic videos of Hernandez having sex with the drugged and unconscious teenager inside a car. Prosecutors said Rendon was "slumped over on the steering wheel" facing the man as her legs were straddled across him while he raped her.