If I Orgasm, I am in Excruciating Pain: Colorado Student With Two Vaginas Reveals Rare Condition

A Colorado Springs Psychology student, who has two vaginas due to a rare condition, said that sex is like a lottery as she never knows how it will feel. The student identified as Reiley Davis said that there are times when she has sex and if she attains orgasm, she feels excruciating pain. Davis said that she has a 50/50 chance on whether her sexual intercourse would be pleasurable or "excruciatingly painful," according to media reports.

Davis, 21, said that half the orgasms she has are painful. "It feels like I'm getting stabbed 15 times in my abdomen to the point where I have to literally sit in a spot, hold my stomach, and hope the ibuprofen kicks in as soon as possible," the student said adding that its painful to the point where she has to take pain relief drugs to get rid of it.

She also mentioned that it takes about ten minutes for her pain to go away. Davis revealed that the first time she attained orgasm while sex it was scary. "The doctors told me that it's probably because I have two uteruses and it's contracting, doing what it does, when orgasms happen," she said. This also means she has a split reproductive system with two cervixes and wombs, with a wall of tissue running between them.

Davis, who is still dealing with her condition, was diagnosed with uterus didelphys when she was 16. As there's a 50/50 chance that her condition forces her to deal with excruciating pain, she just has to go with it. "It's like doing the lottery," Davis said.

Reiley Davis
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The insurance consultant from Colorado also revealed that she found out about her rare reproductive condition after she underwent a smear test when she was a teenager. Moreover, the condition of having uterus didelphys is mostly discovered either through a medical examination, or because women have uncontrollable bleeding during their period. They can also find out if, despite the insertion of a tampon in one vagina, the bleeding continues from the other uterus and vagina.

Davis got her period at the age of 12 and was bleeding every two weeks. Even when she was not on her period, she suffered excruciating pain and missed school a lot. Reiley said she even had to take birth control pills at the age of 13, three years before her diagnosis, to regulate her periods.

"I went to the hospital quite frequently. It felt like my abdomen area was on fire. It was just hot to the touch, uncomfortable, and inflamed. It was awful and got to the point where I was crying in pain. I would literally have to be on the ground in the fetal position just to get comfortable and not have the pain as bad," Davis said further adding that she could recall the nights where she'd be lying in so much pain trying to go to sleep. It was a hard experience for a woman so young.