Who is Jordan Cheyenne? Vlogger Accidentally Uploads Video of Herself Telling Crying Son to Pose for Emotional YouTube Thumbnail [VIDEO]

Cheyenne was posting an emotional video titled, "We are heartbroken," about their puppy's parvovirus diagnosis.

A YouTuber has issued an apology after accidentally uploading footage of her asking her crying 9-year-old son to pose for a video thumbnail.

Jordan Cheyenne is a popular YouTuber with more than half a million subscribers on the platform, and is known for posting vlogs about being a single parent as well as lifestyle and fitness videos.

'Act Like You're Crying'

Jordan Cheyenne
Jordan Cheyenne in a still from the video she posted on YouTube (left) and a still from her video apology on Instagram Twitter/Instagram

On Wednesday, Cheyenne went viral on social media after she posted a video explaining that her new puppy had been diagnosed with parvovirus – a condition common in unvaccinated dogs and puppies that can be fatal.

The vlog, which was titled, "We are heartbroken," has since been removed, but a clip has been widely shared on social media, showing Cheyenne pulling her son Christian toward her and instructing him to "act like you're crying," to which he responds, "I am crying."

In the video, which Cheyenne seemingly forgot to edit out, she gives Christian a series of instructions "for the video," including putting his face on her shoulder, putting his hand on his face while letting the viewers see his mouth. She also tries out another pose, asking him to look at the camera while she rests her head against his. Watch the clip, which was reposted on Twitter, below:

Reactions on Social Media

The video instantly went viral with more than 1.4 million views on Twitter with users criticising Cheyenne for forcing her "traumatized" son to pose for YouTube clout.

"Imagine your child is distraught and heartbroken and instead of comforting them you coach them into a thumbnail," wrote one Twitter user.

"This makes me so heartbroken for that boy! Not sure what's happening but he is really distraught over it, mom is playing it up, and directing him to show his emotions more in hopes of sympathy and views," commented another.

Jordan Cheyenne
Jordan Cheyenne and her son Christian Instagram

Cheyenne Apologises, Says She's Receiving Death Threats

Following the negative response she received on social media, Cheyenne posted a follow-up video on YouTube saying her "heart dropped" upon rewatching the footage of her and her son. "It's so wrong. I should never have done that," she said.

"Today I want to let you know I'm so disgusted with myself for posing for a thumbnail on such an emotional video," she continued.

"It made me take a step back and realize I need to just be way more present in the moment and not even be thinking about anything like this when things are happening in my life," she added later.

In a story she later posted on her Instagram page, Cheyenne is seen crying while saying she's "disappointed" and "upset" with herself and that she was being targets with death threats and cyber bullying

"I'm so disappointed in myself and I've never been this upset with myself or disappointed or had this much anxiety over people messaging me death threats and things about Christian that are so past the level of cyber bullying and harassment that I've ever experienced in my life." She adds that she's taking a few days off social media to "prioritize myself and Christian."

Cheyenne has since deleted her Instagram profile as well as all of her videos from her channel.