Who is Jake Herbert? British OF Model Poses NAKED with Dad; Makes $40,000

A UK-based OF model posts nude pictures with his dad and makes a fortune.

A father-son duo had gone viral for posting nude pictures together on OnlyFans. A 26-year-old UK-based adult entertainment star, Jake Herbert started his OnlyFans account a few years earlier. He told BBC that he was making around $9000 a month sharing his nude pictures on the subscription-based adult site. He, however, in a bid to make even more money, decided to bring his dad into the picture.

Jake invited his 'handsome' father to join his nude photoshoots and saw his account exploding. "I put a picture of my dad up, just us topless after a workout, and it just went mental," he said. His father is not named publically yet.

After a significant increase in monetary benefits, the father-son duo decided to continue the stint. Jake asked his father if he would agree to strip down further for a share in some easy OnlyFans cash, and he readily agreed to it.

James Herbert (R) and his dad
Jake Herbert (R) and his dad Jake Herbert

'Dad, we just need to make some money'

Jake's father, whose age is not known at the moment, is a plumber. His co-workers are having a hard time adapting to his rather unconventional side-hustle. James noted that his father got 'bits of banter' at his work. "And I was like, 'Look, dad, we just need to make some money. It's not like we're doing anything'," he said.

Jake Herbert (R) with his dad
Jake Herbert (R) with his dad Screen grab - Twitter/Jake Herbert

Jake charges $10 per month on OnlyFans and has mentioned in his bio that his 'legit dad' does feature on his page. He gathered 387,900 likes and as many followers after his dad joined him.

'We've never seen each other naked'

Jake, however, told The Tab last year that he always keeps his eyes averted while posing nude for a picture together with his dad and has never seen his private parts. "We've never seen each other naked, the most he's shown on my page is his a**," he said. Jake also noted that his girlfriend was also totally cool with the rather unusual father-son camaraderie.

Jake Herbert (R) with his dad
Jake Herbert (R) with his dad Jake Herbert

Jake told BBC that now he makes up to $40,000 a month after giving his dad his cut.