OnlyFans: Brazilian Model Who Dressed as Sexy Nurse for NFSW Photo on Instagram Slammed

Brazillian model cum OnlyFans hottie Cris Galera has caught much attention for her scandalous photoshoot on Instagram recently. The model, who often posts topless photos on her official handle, has been slammed by fans for a sexy nurse photo on her social media account.

The model, 33, posted an eye-popping picture of herself in a sexy nurse costume. Many of her Instagram followers said that the model was sexualizing and demeaning the profession of nurses, who helped countless people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Galera, who is known to have tied the knot recently, is now separated. The OnlyFans model has an impressive social media following with 195,000 Instagram followers and leaves them drooling on the platform by sharing sexy and hot photos regularly.

Cris Galera
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Apart from donning costumes and tiny bikinis and swimsuits for racy photoshoots, the diva dares to go clothesless for NFSW photoshoots for her modelling assignments.

In one of her latest photoshoots, Galera can be seen rocking a sexy Santa costume. From head to toe, the model was dressed in red clothing with a Santa cap. Her massive cleavage almost popped out of her tiny bikini giving a clear view of her ample toned assets. In another IG post, she is seen donning a green sweater top paired with a red skirt while she leaned to the side of a door panel to strike a sexy pose for the racy snap.

The model from Brazil is known for sharing racy snaps and videos with her subscribers on OnlyFans too. However, the model's beauty secret is more than just cosmetics. Like many other models in the beauty industry, Galera recently paid a whopping $100,000 for plastic surgery.

Galera had to face the wrath of many IG followers after she posted a snap from her sexy nurse photoshoot. She wore a sexualised version of a nurse's outfit that led fans to criticise her on social media. She was seen posing in a see-through white bra paired with a mini skirt combo with a red cross on the apron. The model also wore a headband apart from a white thong and a doctor's coat to complete the sexy nurse look.

Here's Cris Galera's scandalous photo: