Who is Hwang Ha Na? Namyang Dairy Heiress and Kpop Star's Ex-Girlfriend Attempts Suicide; Death Note Blames Mr Oh

Recently, Kpop star Park Yoochun's ex-girlfriend Hwang Ha Na had posted an image of self-harm on Instagram, before attempting suicide.

Korean hairess and Kpop star Park Yoo Chun's ex-girlfriend, Hwang Ha Na, has been hospitalized after she attempted suicide. One of her close friends revealed on social media that Ha Na had She had written a death note and had repeatedly mentioned the name Mr Oh.

Ha Na is the only granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Product's founder. She is also Park Yoo Chun's ex-girlfriend but the pair broke up in 2018. On December 18, friend posted Ha Na's photograph from the hospital and expressed her fears and disappointment.

Hwang Ha Na
Kpop singer Park Yoochun's ex-girlfriend Hwang Ha Na attempted suicide. Instagram

Was Ha Na Being Threatened?

Hwang Ha Na
Image of Hwang Ha Na in the hospital shared by her friend on social media. Allkpop/Twitter

Her post read: "Hello, my heart is racing so I'm not sure how to start this post.. I'm Ha Na's longtime friend and she is currently in the ER after attempting suicide... I have never seen her in this state over the past 25 years, so I'm very upset and frustrated...She did not deserve this."

Giving out the possible reason for suicide attempt, she also said: "There is a man with the last name Oh repeatedly brought up in her suicide note. I think you'll read this post as well. Please don't kill Ha Na... Leaving malicious comments is comparable to murder. Mr. Oh, please save Ha Na."

Ha Na has been receiving negative and malicious comments online after it was speculated that she was in a relationship with BTS member Jungkook. As soon as the rumors started spreading in August 2020, Ha Na as well as Jungkook refuted the claims and clarified that they were not in a relationship. She issued a statement asking netizens to stop spreading of ridiculous rumors.

Ha Na Self-Harm Post

It can also be noted that Ha Na herself has shared a picture of self-harm on her Instagram post on December 17. It was the image of a cut on the wrist with blood on the floor. "XXX Call me, XXX," read the caption. She also wrote "I didn't want to do this because it's childish but forget about editing or changing the words around. I'll forgive you just bring back the 400 million KRW (363,000 USD) car that you stole."

When the news became public, Ha Na deleted her post and gave an update on her situation. "Things were difficult and a misunderstanding is a misunderstanding, I won't give any explanation. I won't say what I want to say and I will shut my mouth and close my ears. Just don't speculate. I'm tired and it's difficult," her new post stated.

It is still not known who Mr Oh referred to in her suicide note is. Ha Na's suicide note has not been made public. She is also known as an Instagram influencer. The news of Ha Na marrying Kpop idol Park Yoochun broke in 2017. But in 2018 there were reports that the couple had ended their relationship.

In early 2019, Ha Na was arrested on charges of drug use in the Burning Sun Scandal. She was said to have used methamphetamine along with her ex-boyfriend Yoochun. But the singer denied his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

On further investigation, Yoochun's tests turned positive and Suwon District Court issued an arrest warrant for Yoochun. He was sentenced to two years probation with ten months in prison in case of violation of probation on July 2, 2019. Ha Na received suspended sentence of two years probation in the illegal drug use case.