Who is Hussain Altamimi? AOC Staffer Erupts in Anti-Israel Rant; Social Media Demands His Removal

Hussain Altamimi, a staffer for 'Squad' Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was slammed on social media for calling Israel a "racist European ethnostate". Altamimi's social media post was in response to another post with the handle "Let's Talk Palestine."

Altamimi, who is legislative assistant, joined Ocasio-Cortez's office in November this year. His Instagram page carries a post AOC captioned, "New beginnings."

Hussain Altamimi
Hussain Altamimi is a staffer for "Squad" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. Twitter

What did Altamimi Say About Israel?

In an Instagram story posted on Christmas eve, Altamimi claimed that Middle Eastern country is a "racist European ethnostate."

"Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!" Altamimi's post read according to Fox News.

Hussain Altamimi
The Instagram story posted by Hussain Altamimi. Twitter

The scathing comments against one of the countries' key ally was made in response to another Instagram account, "Let's Talk Palestine."

"This reveals the principle underpinning Israeli apartheid: It's not about where you're born. It's about whether you're Jewish or non-Jewish. Your ethnicity determines your rights [and] level in the racial hierarchy. Israel is an exclusive ethnostate, established to serve one ethnic group at the expense of another," the post shared by Altamimi read.

Social Media Blasts Altamimi For His Racist Post

Several users on social media demanded that the staffer should be fired for his offensive post.

"Reid was a great man. He would not have tolerated an ignorant staffer such as Hussain Altamimi spewing antisemitic vitriol. Reid would have fired such a staffer immediately, and denounced the hatred he represents. I doubt you will have the same courage, though," read a tweet.

"From @AOC staff member Hussain Altamimi on Dec 24: "Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!" This is offensive, antisemitic, and wrong in so many ways. Also, most Israelis are descendants of Jews forced out of ARAB lands," read another tweet.

"Hussain Altamimi is possibly a proxy for islamists organizations, meaning Islamic supremacists. And he has high security clerance??" expressed a user.

"Hi @AOC Your staffer Hussain Altamimi says Israel is "a racist European ethnostate." That's wrong for many reasons, and it erases Mizrahi Jews like me. A majority of Jewish Israelis are descendents of 850,000 Jews violently expelled from Arab countries. Will you call him out?" wrote another.